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Bit of a giggle at another riders expense.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Tonight i took my 9yr old cousin to Brentford square in Melbourne for some dinner, (the charcoal chicken there is the best in Melbourne!) and as i was parking i looked up and saw a fully kitted up rider helmet and all, pushing a black white and silver CBR250 up the footpath into the servo for fuel. :p

    Was this one of you guys? I do sympathize with you, not because I've done the same thing but had to push my old SL350 to a new storage place when i was younger and moved unit's, was quite a hard trip up hill with the plod watching from across the road to make sure i didn't start it up.

    My cousin had a giggle and i wanted to go help push but thought i'd leave you alone in case you were feeling a bit grumpy, plus i've done my back in yet again, good thing i'm still bike shopping or id be really depressed.

    Hope your luck turns around mate.
  2. I did similar a couple of weeks back. Going to uni, flipped to reserve not far from it and told myself to remember to get petrol on the way home... I remembered half way home, and coming over the hill to the first petrol station I was debating if I'd stop at this or the next (prefer the next) when the bike started to splutter and lose power... Only had to walk the bike about 50 metres but enough to teach me my lesson :wink:
  3. It is a funny sight to see. Do feel sorry for people in the position but it's still a cheap laugh.

    Best one I have come across...

    I was at a set of lights waiting to go right and I saw a guy on a 2 stroke (nsr 150 i think) on the other side acting 'strange' kind of like struggling.
    He goes left and pulls up on a drive way, so I go and park next to him to make sure everything was fine.
    He tells me that the kick stand had fallen off :shock:
    I almost fell of my bike laughing, decided to help him look quickly so I would laugh while riding to work.
  4. Happened to me twice ....one time right outside a servo and the other one time just as i pulled into a servo (seriously)

    The way i see it as long as you laugh when it happens to you, you may laugh at anothers petrol drought issue!
  5. :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. We've all done it. My last one was only 100 metres from the servo though, still bloody annoying.

    At least this guys bike is light, that's all I can say!
  7. Happened to me on my first netrider ride, stranded on a traffic island waiting for my girlfriend to come rescue me with petrol :LOL:
  8. haha poor guy!

    I seized a DR350 about 30kms from home deep in the bush, past many hill climbs and a couple of creek crossings...God bless the road only being 15 meters or so above

    Pushing bikes sucks! but I must admitt, beats the hell out of driving! :p
  9. I haven't ran out of fuel (yet...) but one time I stopped for fuel thinking it was about time (odo/trip distance) and put 18ltrs in... it's a 18ltr tank. I looked at my tap and it was on reserve :mad:
  10. I had a similar incident whilst going to a Toy Run in 07, my fuel tap on my old ZZR was playing up (alas Primary and reserve where effectively the same!) and I contemplated a independant servo, and thought I will get the next one...about 3 kms up the road....power died and I came to a stop...

    Had to ring the RACV, they came to the rescue with free fuel (Gold Member), but had to wait like an hour...but still made the Toy Run...
  11. ran out of fuel on the cahill expressway into city. pushed it halfway along that, then macquarie st down to woollomoolloo servo.

    220 kg's and i was sweating ( the bike, not me ) :LOL:
  12. sorry kick start not stand.
  13. I remember in about '98 i just bought a brand new DT200 and on one the first days after buying it i was on my way home from work and it died.

    i did the usual check for petrol and could here some splashing around and was sure fuel wasn't the problem, but no go.
    so i had to push the bike a few km's home, with a few people i knew stopping along the way who could not help because the drove sedans :evil:

    i got the guy from the shop where i bought it to come around and fix it the next day, i was at work again when he came so when i got home i asked my parents what the problem was, they said he couldn't start it so he filled it up with petrol and away it went... this will always stick in my mind, mainly because i passed a servo just before i pushed the bike up a huge hill.

    since then i have always made sure i had a min of half a tank at all times.
  14. Like Homer Simpson said in the famous "Traffic School" episode, "It's funny, 'cos it's not happening to me." :LOL:
  15. I ran out of fuel on my XV750 in the middle of summer, and pushed it ~2km to the petrol station on a slight incline the entire way.

    I honestly doubt it's ever going to happen again - that particular lesson stuck pretty well... :)
  16. Best one was coming off the motorway, just as I was entering the offramp, I ran out of fuel, had enough momentum to coast the remaining (just guestimating the distance) 100m or so to the end of the offramp, turn left through a set off traffic lights - luckily green, another 20meters or so and turn left at another set of traffic lights - green yet again - and into the BP 10m or so from the corner, to run out of momentum right next to the petrol pump!! Had a good chuckle by myself.
  17. I hope you bought a lotto ticket! :LOL:
  18. He did... and he won!

    Didn't u read about that New Zealand man that won the lottery and could now live his dream of working somwhere cruisy like macca's?

    Lucky bastard. First he doesn't have to push his bike then he wins the lottery thus allowing him to enjoy the spoils of a dead end job with no fear of financial burden ever!

    *Note, above post was for satirical purposes only, the only thing Farab shares in common with the lottery winner is that they both live on the set of the lord of the rings. :wink:
  19. Well I learnt a lesson before I even bought my (first) bike!

    At the dealer for a second look, asked the sales guy to wheel it outside so I could start it etc. - he asked me if I wanted to take it for a quick test ride. Being VERY new to this two wheel stuff, and not dressed appropriately, I declined. :wink:

    My brother was with me, and he offered to take it for a quick test for me, and while we were discussing this, the bike went "splutter splutter, [silence]" :oops:

    Hmmm, the sales guy looked all worried, and then his face lit up - "Out of fuel!" he says in a kind of relieved way (ie. "there's nothing wrong with the bike I'm trying to sell you!")

    On my "L's" course the instructor described the value of a "first ride of the day" check, including fuel, and how running out of fuel in the middle of an intersection could be more than just inconvenient - and that's EXACTLY what would have probably happened!!

    Consider this... new (I mean BRAND new) rider, busy intersection, shorts and sandals, at Truck City!! (Seriously, that's what it's actually called.) No fuel = stall and no restart, AND the tap was aready on reserve!! :shock: :shock:

    I am SUPREMELY glad I did not agree to take that test ride...

    I will be doing those checks I reckon!! :wink:
  20. Ha, I ran out of fuel on my way home from work last week, fortunately it was on a small down hill stretch and there was no traffic coming the other way so I was able to coast into a servo across the road, now I know how many Ks I can get on reserve.