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Bit of a bingle on sunday.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hgsuzuki, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Hey all, funny after only just really introducing myself that i get to post about an accident so soon.:grin:

    On Sunday me and a heap of mates were on a ride around the bush, on our dirtbikes, just outside of Gellibrand (between Lavers Hill and Colac).
    I had been down this track( beside a road) a million times, but not for a while since the last. Travelling at an estimated 80km/h, i saw something that wasn't there last time. A bulldozer had cut two dirty great ditches across the track, first one was about a metre deep and across, then a 3 metre break until the next one. Here lies the problem, the ground on the other side of the second ditch was pushed up into a big mound of earth, about a metre and half above the ground between the two ditches
    No time to react/think. Too late for the brake, lent back and wound on the power. Power lifted the front wheel up and over the first trench, and both wheels landed at the same time between ditches. Couldn't lift the front up and hit the mound at pace.
    The mound launched the bike up "a couple of metres" into a nose-dive position, with me doing a superman/ruler crusty demon impression over the front. Time slowed, and i can vividly remember seeing my hands on the bars whilst sailing through the air, with the ground rushing towards me.
    Landed on my head/left shoulder first, then left side hip area slapped down hard, and a bit of a roll. I was facing back the way i came and my bike was close behind me, revving off the limiter. I was well winded, but didn't lose consciousness, everything felt busted up, so i didn't hardly move. I ran my right hand along my right collarbone, and then compared it to the left. When i felt the broken pieces in my left collarbone moving, all the pain set in. My left side hurt severly when i tried to make any movement, but when i laid still i ran my hand under the kidney belt and all of my side felt numb.
    I took my goggles off, and my friends helped me with my helmet. I felt sick and as thou i was going to pass out, so i lay in the recovery position, whilst we discussed if it was worthwhile getting help or not. The whole time i had been coughing and swallowing a lot, and it only just occured at around that time i didn't have a cold. I coughed and spat on my hand and coated it with blood :shock: . After that everything seemed very real and it sealed the deal about an ambulance.
    The ambulance arrived around 30 minutes later with two police cars. The ambo's put me in a neck brace and on a back board and gave me two morhine injections, the magical green stick, and something so i wouldn't get sick. In the meantinme the police were talking with my friends getting all the details.
    At hospital i had X-rays to my neck, left hip, and left collarbone. The collarbone was in three pieces, but fairly aligned. They were worried about my internals bleeding, and there was a lot of blood in my urine. After an ultrasound the doctor thought it best to have me stay the night, and i got out yesterday around 3:00pm.

    Feeling a bit flat today and having a lot of trouble just moving around the house, but work have been awesome about it all and i have a certificate for two weeks off at this stage. Looks like a lot of dvd's and internet for the next few weeks.

    EDIT: Was talking to one of the fella's there and he stepped out 28 metres from where the mound was to where i ended up.

  2. That's awful to hear mate, but looking at the list of walking wounded you are at least in good company. Here's hoping that your recovery is swift.
  3. Shit mate sounds like a ripper of a stack.

    And what a vivid description, f*ck I feel like it happened to me.

    I hope your collarbone's one of those quick-setting ones and you're not experimenting with new pee colours for too long. All the best eh?
  4. Bad luck mate.
    It may be worth while establishing the land status and who may be responsible for the dozer works but as a land manager myself, I can assure you if you stick to the roads you wont get a surprise like this.
    It sounds like the mound was put there for a reason but if it was a well used track you could have expected some tape or signage if it was on public land.
  5. Mate no good at all, did the cops give you any grief?

    Hope you get well and are able to return to the dirt soon :wink:

  6. Is it a "public" track or on private property?????

    If it was public, you would have a case against whoever created the ditches without erecting warnings etc.

    If it was private, it sounds like the work of a malicious land owner to stop those noisy trail bike riders :LOL: and you were trespassing. But, you may still have a case. (you know, you can't beat the living daylights outta an intruder etc etc)

    Reminds me of back in the seventies we used to all go to McCarrs Creek mud flats and create havoc by jumping in the "quicksand" style mud for kicks.(not on our bikes mind you!)

    They even filmed what was a "famous" coca cola ad there with my mates jumping in the mud.

    In the days before litigation, some ars@# hole home owner nearby that hated seeing the youths enjoying ourselves, saturated the place with broken glass and a few of us got cut up really bad.

    They won!!!! No more fun and the mud flats got turned into picnic areas!

    Anyway, I hope you get better and also find out who thew f@#ck left the track like they did and get some satisfaction back (somehow :LOL: )

  7. Damn bikes! Why do they have to be so fun, yet so dangerous?

    I'm guessing it was a run off put in by the DSE to stop the track turning into a river during winter. Or just a blatant attempt by somebody to stop trailbikers. Anyway good luck with the recovery mate.
  8. Were the bikes registered (even rec rego)? If so don't forget to make your TAC claim.

    Otherwise you might well have a case against the landowner - especially if it's public land. There really should have been a sign.
  10. He said that two police cars attended the crash :LOL:
  11. The description of the road seems a little strange. Are you sure it wasnt just a standard ersosion bank which you often see along lots of fire trails and forestry roads. Is this the case? They can be really nasty if they're fresh and EXTREMELY nasty if they weren't there last time you came flying through. Apart from that they're great fun.

    I love it how everyone jumps straight to litigation. What a joke. :roll:

    Heal up well mate.
  12. Thanks for the support guys. The track was alongside a road, and the ditches look to have been put in to stop water pooling on the road/runoff. The police gave no grief whatsoever, and were actually top blokes. Because it's right next to the road, i am going to be covered by TAC, and i have ambulance membership thru the ETU.
    I don't normaly ride at 10/10ths down a track i haven't been down before, and that is why i was giving it a squirt, i had been done it many times. In hindsight, i did notice a bit of the undergrowth was less before the crash, but assumed some 4wd's had just driven along. Those two ditches were not there last time, anyway :LOL: I couldn't say how long they may have been there for, possibly a month, and there was no tape or signage.
  13. Ouch, that's gotta hurt

    All the best for a full and speedy recovery
  14. Good thing the cops didnt give you any grief. I think they could have actually got you for neg driving!

    ...and yeah, there's never warnings for that sort of stuff. How long are you out for?
  15. hgsuzuki, hope you get well soon mate.

    I have never cringed before from reading a post, what a great description.
  16. 2 weeks off work, and around 6 weeks of light duties at work (i didn't know there was such thing, must be timesheets or some sort of paperwork i guess)

    The police kept asking how fast i was going, and saying "below 80km/h, or over?" and i didn't think(morphine was packing a punch), just "about that (80km/h)". Didn't realise until at hossie that i didn't know what the speed limit was down the road, and that whatever i said he was writing down (just found out it was 100km/h zone).

    I was on my mates DRZ400, that he only got last Thursday. It had full rego, and got out really well, a bent handguard and smashed off headlight is all, it landed on the bars and back of seat and then tipped over, and someone switched it off before it exploded thru limiter action.
  17. if your going to do a superman impersonation Remember...


    makes you bullet proof

    sorry to hear about your stack
  18. Consider yourself lucky. In the situation as described, TAC don't have to pay you out as you weren't on a road as defined by Vicroads.

    It may have been some kind of erosion bank but given the area it may have been the DSE trying to block the track off.
    Much of the illegal single track in the Otways is getting closed off. They usually dig a series of large trenches and/or build mounds along the track.

    It sucks because single track is where the fun is at.
  19. Hmm, are you 100% sure about that? Just doing some research brought up:

    Nothing about roads there roads, especially with trains, they usually don't travel on roads :)
  20. Still doesnt mean the OP made a report or a report was made on his behalf. Taking details means nothing. :)