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Bit Ironic? Too bad!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mendy, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Just a thought.
    My friend told me he is pissed off because he (and ALOT of others) just got a scooter to deal with the petrol crisis.
    The problem is now that hes purchest it, the price of petrol fell (quite abit) :) :grin: and now he wants to use his car more often. he cant get rid of his scooter cause its not worth it.

  2. It'll go up.
  3. Just wait a few months....

    *the arabs will get sick of selling the stuff for nothing and restrict supply

    * the yanks will find another country that produces oil to invade and f#$k over.

    *the northern hemisphere will come out of its winter and demand there will increase

    *the local refiners & resellers will find new and creative ways to inflate the price again and again.
  4. He can always keep the scooter for those spirited rides though the twisties on weekends.

    My point: If they had bought a motorcycle instead, he would not necessarily be in this predicament.
    ( Putting on Flame suit )
  5. I told him just that ^^
  6. If he honestly wants to drive a car rather than ride a scoot, bugger him. He doesn't get it and may never understand.
  7. :LOL:
    Quote of the week
  8. But it's even cheaper to run his scooter now!
  9. My thoughts exactly... now costs me $14 in fuel instead of $20 to run the bike every week.
  10. I'm with Loz; if he only bought the scooter for economic reasons, then he bought it for the wrong reasons.....
  11. But it's been a bit rainy in Melbourne so his suit and tie gets wet! No wonder he's taking the car.
  12. Petrol prices will be back up soon anyway.
  13. :shock: OMG that reminds me, I saw a woman squeezing through traffic on a scooter in high heels ! :?

    I was gonna take a photo and say here, this is to remind you of the feet you USED to have...
  14. Was She wearing a short skirt & Fishnets ? :p
  15. Should have sik'd this copper on to her.

    "The penalty for inadequate protective clothing miss is summary "execution!
  16. HAHAHAHAHAHA to your friend.

    "I got it because it helps save on fuel" ****s.

  17. What a dipstick! If he only got a scooter because it's cheap to run (and now it is even cheaper!!!) then he'll never really be a rider. To my way of thinking, you ride on two wheels (bike or scooter) number one because you love it. Anything else like being cheap to run (mine is currently costing me 4 cents a km) is just an added bonus. Let him go back to his cage, it's obviously where he belongs.
  18. Peanuts, i totaly agree :)

    Just tell the other thousands around Australia who did the same thing :roll:
  19. Mouth or Vic, where's the asbestos suit icon. I'll be needing after this post.

    With respect to scooter riders, to me they seem to be the kind of riders who do it more for convenience or economy than they do for the enjoyment of the ride. So it's not surprising that the guy the OP is refering to is prefering to drive rather than to ride.

    And as someone else said that he "doesn't get it". All too true.

    I personally cannot see what the attraction of riding a scooter is. Sure, some see it and technically it is a motorcycle, just shaped differently, I s'pose.

    The guy doesn't appreciate the benefits that two wheeled transport offers. He's a "cager" deep down and that will probably never change.

    In any case, while the cost of fuel has dropped, it's but a temporary thing. As we go into the new year when a raft of cost of living charges are to escalate heaps, the money saved on fuel will go towards keeping the house warm/cool and food on the table.
  20. He will be happier in his car. Goodo.