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Bit grumpy - run in with the plod.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by chrome, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. I was riding to work on Thursday, it was pissing down with rain. If you're in Sydney, you'd know the morning. Horrible.

    I was heading down a back street as its a way of avoiding a right turn at some lights as I can do a right down a one way, left down another one way, then right down a 2 way back street to a normal street.

    It's the back streets of redfern; Pitt St, right down East St, left up Douglas, right down Turner with a final left up Chalmers which gives me a straight run up Elizabeth. Yeah, its a bit of a fiddle, it's probably not that optimal, but its been a change I added to my route and I'm liking it.


    Anyway, Turner is a bit odd; from the Chalmers end of Turner, it's two way. From the Pitt St end of Turner, it's no entry, one way. Hence me having to go down East and Douglas.


    So there I am, taking my little "shortcut", just about to reach the end of Douglas to turn right, when a cop car flies out from the left - heading the wrong way down the one way street - but because I looked to the left I was able to brake in time to avoid an accident, but being right at the start of a turn the bike does a dive for the ground so I have to wrestle her a bit to stay upright. I stop and flip up the visor, swearing under my breath.

    Cop: Why don't you watch the road mate.

    Me: I'm watching the road mate.

    Cop: Hey, stop your engine there.

    Me: Sorry?

    Cop: Stop your engine.

    Me: You're going the wrong way down a one way street. I didn't really expect you to be coming from that street, mate. I was looking.

    Other cop in passenger seat: HA HA HA HA HA

    Cop: Okay. *embarrassed laugh*

    and then he drives off. But it doesn't end there - oh no! No. Because, I'm following him out of the alley, and as we approach a set of traffic lights, he slows down, as slow as walking pace in front of me, until the lights turn amber, at which point he continues across the intersection and drives off, leaving me fuming at the lights.

    The worst thing is the video footage is all blurry from the water, so you can't make out anything.

    You just can't make this shit up.

  2. Look at the bright side. They didn't write you a ticket and they didn't punch you. On top of that you got to chip a copper and be in the right, and sound like a bit of a smart arse and get away with it. You even got one cop to laugh at another. All it cost you was one change of lights. I'd say it was a good day.
  3. WTF - I mean really.

    The video footage isn't even enough to make out some stuff?
  4. The best one i've heard is from a friends friend who's a worksafe inspector, call him steve.

    Steve gets pulled over doing 140 at 2am in morning on a highway, cop was a real rude smart-ass apparently.

    When the cop issues the fine and drive's away, Steve follows him in his car, and puts his own purple flashing lights on and pulls over the cop car.

    He goes up to the cop and says, "Hi, I'm worksafe inspector steve, I noticed that you weren't wearing your high visibility vest when you pulled me over, so unfortunately i'm going to have to issue you with a fine."

    The cop gets on the radio to see if he can actually do that, "were you wearing the vest?", "Nuh", "Then you gotta pay the fine".

    Worksafe fine was about 6k, speeding fine was 3 hundred and something.

    Now thats how you say fvck you to dodgy cops
  5. The guy need to give himself three tickets, one for driving on the wrong way on a one way street, one for being a hoon, and one for being an idiot porker.
  6. Little birdy says that that the plod don't have to wear their vests during vehicle stops only during extended traffic operations on the road such as rbt. Also how did the workcover guy prove speed? Does he have a speed measuring device?

    I'd call up your mate to verify! :D
  7. urban myth never happened and it's been told on here a thousand times
  8. wait, you're ranting because they made you sit through one light change? :-s

  9. i hope you did'nt move out of his way.
    i would have just sat there in front of him with my horn held down.
    "sorry, what ?.. can't hear you, MOVE ******** !!"
    should have flipped him of too at the intersection, could have got around him BLATTTT, then just flip him the bird and GTFO
  10. That.
  11. Uh, isn't this the place to vent?
  12. true, yes, but i'd be thanking my lucky stars they didn't pull me over for a random licence check and a bike check and a loud pipe check etc.

    one light to wait seems a good price to pay! :D
  13. This post should be a sticky.
  14. inorite.

    People come here to post stuff that happens to them and vent, and maybe get a few laughs. Instead, they get told things like

    "Welcome to motorcycling, get used to it"
    "Why you so mad? You got off lightly!"
    "You're doing it wrong, what you need to do is ..."


    I wasn't after a "oh you poor thing, how dare you be treated such". I was more after a chuckle.
  15. @Chrome: i can understand why you are pissed... I would have considered ringing the station and reporting the officer... Coppers are allowed to break the road rules (not sure which ones and at what times), but I'd be willing to take it to the lieutenant or captain or whatever and see what they say about it... This incident could have ended up a great deal worse off...
  16. This.

    They realised they were being cockheads and decided to play with you. Don't worry about the footage, you won, move on.

    Good work, i love it when cops get told.