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Bit foggy sir

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Pompy, Jul 16, 2015.

  2. I believe the second rider was riding too fast for the conditions; i.e. poor visibility.
    I don't think he would have stopped for a different unexpected road block, such as animals or car accident.
  3. I agree, but it seems a dangerous thing for the copper to be doing, imagine if the second bike was a car or truck
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  4. Dumb cop stepping out like that. With that visibility he could have just gassed it and been gone.

    Sorry Mofficer I Didn't See You........ ;)
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  5. But hang on the cop is wearing fluro they should have seen from a mile away
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  6. Jesus wept what a stupid arse thing to do. I would reckon the rider saw someone on the side of the riad but to walk out on the friggin idiot...I would have gassed it as well!
    If it had of been a car the copper would be road pizza...
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  7. Road pizza I like it :]
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  8. Revenue raising with fog cover so they can't be detected until the last minute. Disgraceful.
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  9. Seen a cop do exactly the same thing on a corner, being smart had himself out of line of sight but still able to ping people with the gun. Stepped out and waved driver down of course they weren't expecting someone to just materialise from the side of the road they panicked but regained composure luckily it all ended happily. Betting Mr Plod changed tactic after that. (along with his pants).
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  10. I think that is in the UK where every day is foggy :wtf:
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  11. I was talking in a group of mates, one was a copper, someone asked him what the best answer is when you get pulled over and the copper asked "any reason why you are speeding" his answer was "I'm in the job" mine was " cause I didn't see you" well at least mine would be honest.....
  12. Idiot rider. I noticed the first and third riders stopped comfortably. The second had no idea.
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  13. I've had a cop do it to me while I was driving. He was hiding behind a tree with his car parked out of site and got me for 10 over. Stepped out as my car was level with him.
    I didn't even see him till the mrs said something and I looked in the mirror and saw him waving.

    He got me speeding but I stopped where I pulled up and made him walk to the car lol.
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  14. 56238341.
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