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Bit confused about LAMS in Tas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Hey fellow netriders, i am a bit confused on how long i have top keep my ps for here in tasmania and what bikes i am allowed to ride during that period. i found this on the service tas site:
    I will be 17 at the time i can get my ps so if i understand it right i have to keep them for 3 years?? Will i be stuck on LAMS bikes for that whole period of time? Thanks in advance for your help and comments!

  2. It looks that way. Perhaps a compromise introduced when the LAMS system came in (ie, a longer period on a faster bike)?.
  3. Yep. Fortunately you can go pretty fast on a carefully chosen LAMS bike. And what's the penalty for being over-capacity? However, this sort of discriminatory legislation (how about a five year wait for your Tubro Skyline, blocky-boy?) sucks hard.
  4. Look on the bright side at least you get to ride a LAMS bike for those 3 years. Back when i did my L's and P's (23 and im starting to feel old :eek: ) you were restricted to a 250cc for the 3 years. Im not sure everyone followed that rule though. I just left my bike parked in the shed for 4 years instead...
  5. Hey thanks for your replies. That seemed to clear some confusion. I am actually quite happy with the LAMS system and think its a great idea. I dont need a fast bike, i just thought i should ask to make some plans on saving up for a bigger bike when i have my ps. Thanks again! :)
  6. Sounds to me like you only need to be on a LAMS bike for 12 months. The additional restrictions for not having a full car license say nothing about staying on LAMS for the whole P plate period. Note the LAMS restrictions for one year are applicable to all riders regardless of full car license.
  7. Yeah you only have to ride a shitter for 1.5 years (min 6 months on L's then first year on P's) after that you can ride whatever you want.
  8. I agree with the last two posts, you only need to stay on the LAMS bike for the first 12 months after progressing from a Learner Licence. I think it was the same with the 250cc restriction too. Yes there are some decent LAMS bikes out there though. I took a Honda XL650V (Transalp) for a test ride a couple of Sundays ago. Seriously looking into a second hand one now. Not right up there in the performance stakes but a great all round go anywhere tourer.