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Birthdays, birthdays, count 'em!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. The board says it's Vic's birthday today, but it can't be a year since we razzed him last time :? Happy birthday anyway!!!

    and happy birthday to killbot88, and Trenshadow, and Matchstick01, have a great day, Paul, and the rest of yas.
  2. Happy Birthday Grand PooBah !! :LOL:
    killbot88, Trenshadow, and Matchstick01

  3. Happy birthday to all except Vic...

    For Vic it's have a very happy "anniversary of coming out of the vat at Dr Frankensteins" day... :LOL: :p
  4. Thanks guys

    Ellis, you are a freak ;)
  5. Happy bday ya silly admin git... :grin:
  6. Many happies Vic!
  7. All the best Vic have a great day :)
  8. Yay Vic
  9. I came in here because I read "birthday, Vic" and thought that meant they were giving away beer. Bugger!!!

    Oh well as long as I am here. Happy Vat Day Vic from Lizzy M and me.

    And Happy Birthday to the others who share the day.
  10. happy birthday you lot :)
  11. What a day.

    Up at 4.30am, start at 6am, finish at 2.15pm, got home at 2.50pm, lay on the bed for 90 minutes watching foxtel, got up, showered, dressed and left for work at 5.20pm, got to work at 6pm, finished at 11pm, got home at 11.45pm.


    Thanks for the birthday wishes ;)
  12. Happy Birthday young Vic


    I hope today was more festive for you, hun :grin:

  13. Vic, I really think brownyy Loves you :LOL: Really, Truly :roll:

    From me its a straight Happy Birthday Vic, see you on the Boat heading for Tas :grin:

    Cheers Bruce