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Birthday pressies!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by tubbsy, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Ok, promises to be a fairly slow dy at work today, and I have a conundrum.
    Birthday is coming up on Sunday, and the Mrs has told me, either make up my mind what on I want, or she'll do the surprise thing (which never really works).
    So...if anyone cares :D the field of 3 narrowed choices are:

    - GoPro Helmet Hero cam
    - New Motorbike Helmet (current one ain't very purdy)
    - Dri-rider bike panniers for bike trips

    Need/want all 3, but which do you guys and gals reckon I should opt for? I really can't make up my mind. (slow day at work = inane posts :D )

    Ooh ooh, any new suggestions in that price range (200 - 400)welcome too.
  2. If the helmet is still good that can wait - if not I'd go that as #1.
    Helmet cam is good, but if you really wanted something you can pick up some cheap cameras on ebay anytime - not as good but will at least mean you can get some vids till you have the money to purchase the GoPro one.

    Panniers aren't that exciting per say, but once you have them especially as a gift, it would be rude not to take off for an a bit of a trip for a few days. That would be my pick
  3. I vote panniers, with the promise that she can have one whole one for her stuff when you go on trips :).
  4. Yeh, leaning towards the panniers myself at the mo, they make the most sense.

    @ Hornet, she won't get on the bike with me mate.....the Lone Ranger am I.
  5. I vote gopro, record everything
  6. Thats a strong 2nd at the mo. There's only so much vid a person can use.
    I'd like it more for the waterproof photography options.
  7. i vote panniers - longer away trips and ability to bring home stuff for wifey if you desire - or to pick up the milk, bread etc (she'll think you're awesome).

    or, just to use for work gear :D
  8. Yeh, does suck to wear a bag on your back, plus I have hefty camera gear that needs carrying.
  9. fixed:

  10. I vote GoPro, you can always carry a backpack or have the Mrs ride in the car behind you (since she wont ride with) and pack the car with all the gear. With GoPro you can shoot your watersport and bike rides....and share with your NR buddies.
  11. Ha ha, it records for 2.5 hours. What do I record for the other 2 hours and 29 minutes?
  12. Thats what netrider mates are for
  13. :-s
    Not really sure where you're going with that one?!?! ot sure I want to know.
  14. The go pro is mainly just going to be a toy, but the panniers can get some proper use when the time comes. That gets my vote. A helmet is designed to protect your head. If it does that then thats enough. Getting one that you think looks good just lines CEO's pockets.
  15. Yeh, GoPro would be awesome, the real use would come from the Panniers though. Panniers are winning so far. :D
  16. panniers is a luxury, a GoPro is a safety and survalence device in my view where you can record tailgaters and dangerous drivers and send it as proof to the police, this saves you from blowing your top off and confronting a road rage situation with another motorist where you can seriosuly get injured. A goPro is also a riding aid where you can correct your lines and review and fix your riding mistakes. Plus its fun sharing your rides with everyone and keeping it as a historical record.
  17. ... doesn't matter what she gets you... you would like all 3 items anyways!!....:p

    BUT...(more importantly).... for HER birthday... Book her into a Motorbike L's course!!... :D
  18. Yeh, I will wind up with all 3, just a question of which I want this weekend. :D

    She's got her P's, almost got her full. Just doesn't ride sadly. No reason other than it's not her thing.
  19. ..Damn!!... bummer!!... :(
  20. Actually I was going for the panniers but you do make very good points. I would probably still go the panniers first off. Without panniers your trip length capability is severely shortened.