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Birthday Greetings

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by LadyYamaha, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Why did Birthday greetings stop, is it cause they're not in the inner sanctum or has Hornet run out of time? Haven't seen any for ages who weren't high profile folks!

  2. why dont you do a few then :wink: its not like Hornet has, to, he just does some times :)
  3. I have time to log on maybe twice a week, so i wouldn't be able to maintain this but it seems like people who post or are mods always get b'day greets but not the lesser known these days! has netrider outgrown itself or it's mandate?

    Happy birthday to jasonsayshi,hazefulstop,f1-moto,Dobz, davidgock,Bondgirl,BLITSZST
  4. take the user "sfd" for example.
    sfd joined almost two years ago, and made only one post.
    for someone so willing to textually contribute to the forums, i dont think i could devote a thread to their birthday.

    i pretty much only start a thread for those i know, but most of the time someone else has done it already.
    make yourself known (and make some friends more importantly :) )and you get birthday wishes, pretty easy :grin:
  5. Birthday greetings haven't stopped, but if I'm in Tasmania, for example, for a Netrider's wedding, or if my wife is going through an important job interview, or my daughter is having her first baby (all on last weekend!!!!) then it's likely these festivities will take precendence.

    As for whether or not you get 'greeted' that's dependent on whether or not your username rings a bell, or, if I have time, a search to see when the person last posted.

    I guess it's a pleasant change from some people complaining that I post too much :roll:.

    Seriously, if I miss a birthday it's just because I miss a birthday, nothing sinister, just, I missed it. I try to make sure everyone gets a cheery greeting on their special day. I'm often dismayed, I must say, when only two or three people add their greetings to birthday wishes for a person who seems to be a 'busy' poster.....
  6. Man there's some whingers on here at the moment :roll:

    Paul is a pain in the ass sometimes :p but he does his best.
  7. I'm still recovering from you missing my birthday last year Paul. Won't let you forget this year :twisted: :wink:
  8. Damned if you do.
    Damned if you don't.
  9. oh ICNS, jas, do you mean jaq, still miss her.
  10. Darls, will do my best from Sth Gippy with out high tech.
  11. yep. that was two years ago..... have a copy of the demo cd in Melb.
    It is hysterically very very good, and if you know the person she wrote the song about, even better....
    when is your birthday? maybe it could be your pressie, and I do bake very good cakes.