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Binned the bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tomm, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I binned the bike today on my way home from uni and thought I might share the story.

    For those not in Brissy it was raining pretty much all day and it was about 5pm when I left uni. I was following a car and came across a pedestrian crossing. A quick check left and right showed it was all clear so I took the moment to wipe some rain off my visor.

    Suddenly the car in front of me swerves to the left. I'm scanning the spot that it swerved from and can't see anything. Something wasn't right. Next thing I know is that there is a girl standing in the middle of the pedestrian crossing (wearing all grey, hence visibility), right where the car was a second ago and I'm heading right for her.

    In the fraction of a second that I had to make up my mind my brain was saying something like.. "Quick, swerve around her it's your only chance!" Only to correct itself by saying "No, it's too wet and you're on a slippery paint arrow and you have cold tyres.. If you swerve you'll crash into the gutter and it will be messy!". Then it progressed into something a bit more like "oh crap!"

    I guess I had decided to jump on the anchors because shortly after I locked the front wheel and started tumbling over (I can remember thinking something like "man this is a lame way to crash.. how embaressing). Luckily I stopped sliding down the road, not half a meter from her feet before hearing her yell "I'm so sorry!", and everyone from the bus stop asking if I was okay. I pulled me foot out from under the bike (thank god for boots!) and told them I was fine. I more more angry and embarressed at myself for losing concentration than the car in front- who had gunned it as soon as he saw me go down.

    I wheeled the bike to the side of the road and after a quick look tried to start her up. Damage looked minimal but I didn't get any sort of response from the starter so assumed a cable had disconnected or something. In any case I wasn't about to check it out in the middle of the rain so I called a mate to pick me up. I didn't realise until he showed up that the bike had the electrical cutoff so I couldn't start the bike in gear with the stand down. I did get to ride home after all :roll:

    The butcher's bill:
    -right mirror broken
    -right indicator stalk broken
    -rear brake pedal bent
    -bent bar end
    -front brake lever ground down a little
    -wheel maybe out of alignment

    I got off with a grazed knee (was only wearing jeans) and a scratch on my helmet- there was no impact i just scraped it a tiny bit when I slid, so it's okay. All the gear held up well, not even a scratch.. though it was a rather low speed crash.

    All in all i'm not too disappointed. No really expensive repairs needed and it could have been a lot worse. Though in hindsight I probably should have been further from the car in front or should have been paying a little more attention and followed the car in the first place. Be safe out there guys :wink:

  2. A lesson that could have been much more painfully learned, Tom, you got off lightly considering you could have had a major crash, or hit the lady, or both. Distance between you and the vehicle in front is your best friend at any time, and doubly so in the wet.

    I hope you are insured?
  3. Glad you're ok.

    Time to work on emergency responses - you just got some practice in :)
  4. wow tomm, hard luck mate. Great to hear that you got off without hitting the girl or the car though. so well done for that. Love the train of thought :LOL: am sure mine will be like that in the event of a spill :p
    Even better to see that you are already learning from it too. your last sentence in the post shows that.
    Once the girl gets healed, you should come out for a ride with us brissy netriders :cool:
  5. Glad your OK Tom, we all live and learn, your escapade made me think about my own stopping distance and the wet. Thanks for the reminder. :) As you said it could have been worse.

  6. :worthlesspics:

    glad to hear your ok!
  7. What type of bike is it Tomm? I would hate to be in that situation. It sounds like your bike is easily repairable which is not too bad.
  8. Depends on how the front wheel is out of alignment, bent forks can be quite costly.

    Glad to hear you and the girl on the crossing are both ok.
  9. I understand where you're coming from, and I am well aware of this. Regardless it's something that can always be drummed in a little more, cant it?
    I remember reading about you being rear-ended by a van. I'm sure someone could have said (and maybe they did) that it you learned a good lesson about being aware of what's behind you all of the time, especially when you slow down. But I doubt they did without at least something along the lines of "I'm glad you're not badly hurt". Thanks for the lecture, I'm sure you didn't mean it to come out that way.

    Looking back, I'm not sure if i was all that close to the car in front. I believe my problem was that I didn't see the girl until [I feel] it was too late to swerve and stay upright. I remember working through some fogging and rather heavy rain.. though it is easy to make excuses isn't it. Who expects a pedestrian to be in front of a car heading at a zebra crossing at 50km/h (look another excuse!P. Definately, being further away I certainly may have seen her earlier.

    Only third party coverage for me. I can't afford full comp being a student at my age, not that i would want to with it costing nearly as much as my bike.

    Thanks a lot. It sure is a reminder to keep up with your emergency responses. I hadn't practised them for a while and, while I'm not sure how much different it panned out if i'd kept my practise up, i'm definately sure it wouldn't hurt!

    Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed some of it :p
    Definately looking to catch up with the brissy netriders but i've been busy most fridays. I'll definately look into it when the bike is better :)

    Don't we all need a reminder every now and then just to get it all back in focus. Cheers

    Thanks. I don't have my camera handy but apart from the list mentioned in the first post it doesn't look bad at all. I didn't see any new scratches :)

    It's a 250 bandit so no fairings to break. All in all the frame/body seems almost untouched which is a small victory at the least.

    Thanks, I'm not sure if it actually is out of alignment- I'll have a good look in the daylight. I just noticed that I seemed to be sitting over the left guage as opposed to the inbetween the left and right.. might have had something to do with a bad crosswind though :wink:
  10. not really your fault, the girl should have thought a bit harder about what she was wearing that day... that said, you should work a bit more on your emergency reactions.

    I had a little old asian woman cross Kissing Point Rd (in Sydney, all 6 lanes of it) behind a crest, in the dark where there were no street lights (they were out), on a cloudy & wet night, in dark clothes. I saw her only just in time to move 10 or so cm to the right and because of that miss her. Had I been in a car, she would have been dead. Instead, she lived to cross the road another day, in another stupid fashion (provided she didn't die of a heart attack that is... being 5 cm away from a motorcycle travelling at 70km/h would give me a heart attack)
  11. Bad luck but its good that everyone is ok.

    This is why I practice riding alot in the wet and also practice emergency stop in the wet. Practice up on ur emergency stuff in the wet.
  12. sorry dude, WRONG! at a pedestrian crossing PEDESTRIANS have right of way! unless she was acting like an "idiot" how can the blame be put on her. how 'bout the cager in front that pissed off? guilty conscious, perhaps?

    don't want to speculate too much but the car in front may have not been paying attention followed by the rider riding a tad too close which resulted in this incident.

    glad to hear there was minimum damage.

    OP, do you recall the speed coming towards the crossing before you had to react?
  13. Oh man that sucks. I also had an encounter with the floor two days ago.

    Glad to know you are fine. Bikes can be fixed or replaced.

  14. damn mate not good to hear about your off......but chalk it up to another riding lession learnt and nobody got hurt which is the best outcome you can hope for.....Hope it doesn't cost to much to get your bike fixed.

    Am curious about your helmet.....you say you went for a tumble, and your helmet hit the ground to me thats impact and i would consider replacing IMO

    cheers stewy
  15. Sorry to hear that, tomm - first couple of days of rain in a longarse time and it bites ya. Still, any one that you both walk and ride away from...
  16. Pedestrians never consider their own visibility - just not what they do; and unless she jumped out into the traffic, she shouldn't have to - she was on a specific pedestrian area. However, I can understand how you'd think it was all clear if the car in front took off. I would have started moving too. Probably the only difference (I like to think) I would have made is to pause while I waited to see why the car acted strangely. I've learnt that lesson before: if they're doing something unusual, assume there's a reason... not just coz they're idiots! Although that's often the reason :wink:

    I've also felt how slippery wet paint is. Just glad you didn't damage your bike too much - hopefully. Sure can be tough out there. Don't let it fluster you.

    Oh, and I don't think Hornet meant to lecture you. It's just that it seems to help if we get something out of our accidents. If we don't know how we might have prevented it (regardless of fault), it could keep happening again and again; and that's frustrating as all hel1! I had an accident that, at the start, I couldn't figure out what I'd done wrong and it got me so scared on the roads coz until I knew, it could happen again at any moment. Once I figured it out, it gave me more control, so I could relax and enjoy myself, this time with a bit more awareness. That's why when people on here try to point out what the lesson could be, it's actually support... in a slightly teacher kinda way :LOL:
  17. you're very lucky you didn't hit her for a number of reasons

    you've just learned a very important lesson or two which should make you a better (and smarter) rider

    you've also helped the reputation of bikeriders all over Australia by laying the bike down to avoid crashing into a pedestrian - you can imagine what the news reports would have read had you hit her (and believe me you would have made the TV news and/or newspapers):

    "Biker ignores road rules, hits/maims/kills young female at pedestrian crossing."

    still I'm very sorry for you that you went down
  18. The fact that the girl was saying "I'm so sorry" does suggest she may have run out onto the road or in some way contributed. Definitely things we can all learn from this incident, but there was also definitely quite a conjunction of a few things going wrong.
  19. It's a road users responsibility to slow down and stop for pedestrians crossing, or going to cross on marked crossings (or if the road user is turning off... at least in NSW) However, it is the responsibility of the pedestrian to make sure it is safe to cross the road. I know that if I go across a pedestrian crossing, I'll reach the curb and stop for a few seconds, make sure any traffic is slowing down, and then cross. Just stepping out without even checking for traffic is irresponsible. In this case, the pedestrian should have been checking to make sure she was seen, which she wasn't, and had she done that, this probably wouldn't have happened at all.
  20. Glad you are ok Tom, I heard on the traffic report yesterday at about 5pm (I'm in Brissy) that there was a bike/car accident at Cooparoo and was hoping I wouldn't see a corresponding rider down thread on netrider today.

    Bike is easily fixed - you and/or the pedestrian, not so much. You did well :)