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binned my blade

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by si-1000, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Hey all, just got back from tassie, crashed my 05 blade, written off completely, suffered smashed wrist, broken rib, brokem collarbone, need one more op to plate my collarbone, wrist was plated and screwed in tassis burnie hospital, this was fairly low speed crash into a corner wearing head to toe proper gear, it still makes me laugh to see organ donors wearing t-shirts and no gloves, my god i dont even want to know what i could have done to my self wearing street gear, so learners please think bout your body befor some perceived fashion look, i'll see ya on the road soon, at least i get a new bike lol

  2. Geez dude sounds nasty, hope your recovering well. What happened did u go 2 wide?
  3. Sounds familar! All the best with the healing process mate... atleast I only had to get my wrist put back together! How come they are putting a plate in your collar bone... must of been a serious brake, I snapped mine in 2 places and they just let it heal naturally (not much you can do for a collarbone anyway)
  4. Whoa.

    600 Blade?
    1000 Blade?

    How did it happen?
  5. thanks man, i hit a slippery patch as i braked and couldnt wipe off enough speed for the corner which just caught me out, i pretty much was just hard on front brakes and when i did get traction put the bike over the front wheel and myself into a ditch, stupid stack but none of em are clever i suppose
  6. it was my 1000rr, im gutted
  7. Man that totally sux.

    Sounds like you wont be doing any of this [​IMG] for a while.

    Any lessons learned??? Where in tassie was the spill??
  8. owie... shows what can happen wearing full gear and makes you think how much worse it could have been with no gear.... scary thought...

    thanks for sharing you story, hope you have a speedy and full recovery.
  9. Those Tassie roads can be pretty treacherous. Because of all the over hanging trees and leaf litter, roads can have wet patches even in the middle of summer.
    Any crash you walk away from is a good day mate.
    Good luck with the recovery.
  10. Sorry to hear mate and hope all heals well and quickly
  11. Ouch dude, glad youre ok. Hope you were insured too.

    Might want to spread that message to scooter riders! Apparently skin only comes off over 80kmh......
  12. Yawn.
  13. [​IMG]
    Spray yourself before posting on forums when under the influence of crack dude. [​IMG]

  14. Too bad mate, that sux. All the best with the healing :)
  15. hope you where insured!
    bad luck dude
  16. What does this tell ya? :roll:

    Who do you think is giving him another new bike?
  17. Honda are still making the things mate, but your mum and dad probably can't make another you. Count your blessings
  18. Sorry to hear about both you and the Blade. Glad you were in the right gear. All the best for quick healing and the new bike.
  19. thanks to all for good wishes, will keep updated to news