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Featured Binned It.......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jem, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. #1 Jem, Apr 25, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2015
    Well disarster at my place this morning, the small boy was trying out a new trick with his much loved Repsol! I didn't see it happen but apparently the new trick involved doing a mono while going down the stairs from the kitchen to the lounge room. According to himself the jump went well but the landing was somewhat of a problem.....


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  2. As long as no one got hurt then all's good :)

    Tears can be dried.
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  3. Absolute disaster Jem. I suppose you'll have to convert it to a track bike..........oh wait, it is a track bike!

    BTW, how's the little man?
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  4. He is good Pete, claims he will take better care of the new one !!
  5. It'll buff out.
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  6. Wouldn't have happened if it had ABS fitted.
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  7. Luckily A1 was open today and he knew they had one so off we went to get the replacement.

    Here it is with his other bikes-


    And yes the small green Ninja has also been binned and will be converted to a track bike once I find out where the screen has been hidden !!
  8. Where's the Shiver? and which one's Uncle GregUncle Greg's?
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  9. now it looks like Marquez' bike from Argentina!
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  10. I do have a real bike as well
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  11. They look a touch small for me.
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  12. And for him, he is banging on about me getting him a Honda 50
  13. how come the ABS didnt save him?
  14. A Honda 50 might get his dad further than a Shiver with a full tank. :)
  15. Like all good stunt riders he had turned it off :)
  16. Very funny Pete