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Binned it!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by UDLOSE, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Well my fairly clean record of not crashing has come to an end :( I've had a few minor crashes on the road and dirt but never been injured.

    Race practice for supermoto two weeks ago at Port Macquarie go kart track. Stone cold slicks, second lap of the day and I lost the front hard in the dirt - like really hard! I've saved hundreds of front end tucks on the dirt and Tarmac over the years but this one I literally had time to think "oh there goes the front" and I'm in the ground hard. Wearing my full leathers the shoulder pad dug into the ground super hard. It knocked the piss out of me and to rub salt in the wound my good mate ran me over. I'm lying face down thinking fcuk I've wrecked my weekend jeeze that hurt! Before I know it my mate is in my face saying how sorry he is for running me over. He had nowhere to go, I go no worries help me up. I'm trying to use my arms to get up and I realize I'm in deep shit.

    Looong story short - ambo ride to port maq, X-rays showed I needed surgery, mrs drove me back to Sydney where I checked myself into westmead, a couple of days later I had the surgery. Was a big job I'd crushed and rotated the ball on the end of the humerus bone. That was two weeks ago, it's healing well apparently.

    Now I'm in the shit feeling sorry for myself stage. It's gonna be quite a while before ill get to ride, let alone race :(

    Post op X-ray:


    My Supermoto bike (from last event)


    Here's the shoulder pad that dug in

  2. Hope u heal ok brother. Can't believe how similar our X-rays are.

    Attached Files:

  3. Man that sucks, hope you heal up fast.
  4. Wow that's amazingly similar, how'd you do it? Thanks mate
  5. Ouch! Looks like they hammered a few extra nails in for good luck. Heal up champ.
  6. The ball was in 5-6 prices so they had to crossover like that to rig all the bits together
  7. Old lady pulled out infront of me. That was 2 years ago. Shoulder still hurts, especially when I lift my arm past 90 degrees. Nice big ass payout check that's coming my way will make it feel alot better ;-)
  8. Damn that's got me more worried now :( atleast u get a payout though
  9. fcuk mate all the best for a quick recovery
  10. Marty, your luck quota just took a huge hit!

    Hope you get better soon, mate, just remember how many other times worse situations actually didn't turn out this bad!
  11. Thanks Paul! Your exactly right, it's still funny that it was such a low speed crash that beat me up.
  12. Sorry to hear you are out of the game for the moment mate. All the best heal up quick. (y)
  13. It's often the simplest things that hurt us the most. Heal quick, do the physio and good luck. A bloke I know had the same shoulder replacement as me, slacked out on the physio and can't lift his arm above his shoulder whereas mine is almost as good as new.
  14. Oww - sorry to see this, hope you make a complete recovery & back to riding/racing stronger than ever.
  15. Ahh no good Marty, but better on a track than the road, heal up
  16. I've heard the exact same story about slacking off on physio so many times, I've really gotta make sure I do absolutely everything they say.

    Thanks Goz
  17. Hi Marty,

    Luck was and wasn't on your side that day. It's these things that test our resolve. I think one of my good mates, Steve Coppock, was up there racing that weekend. Keep the chin up and get back into it once you're fully healed. Scars are those war wounds we all proudly display. I have a great collection of stainless plates and pins. Great conversation pieces.
  18. Sorry to hear about your accident Marty. Heal up. Take it easy.
  19. Ouch!
    Best of luck with your recovery.
  20. owwwwwwwwwwwwwwch!

    Heal up quick mate.