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Bingle Advice

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smidsy, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Hei Folks,

    Two cars in a car park on opposite sides of the road about 3 or 4 bays apart, both reversing, contact was made on the rear corner of my car to the side of his car on the bumper before the back wheel.

    He is adamant I'm at fault, and I will admit that my mind was on other things and I didn't look as hard as I should of - that said he obviously didn't look either because I didn't hear a horn.

    The more I think about it, the more I think that if he was moving first I would have hit the back of his car, that hitting the side suggests he had only just starting moving out of his bay and had yet to get any turn angle out of the bay - whereas contact to my corner suggests I was much further and more turned than he was.

    We both have the same insurance company, so this is just a matter of whether I claim or not - my car is fine and I wasn't going to claim for my damage.
    If I'm at fault fair cop, but I don't want a claim against me if it wasn't my fault, especially since I have a $700 exces.

    Thoughts and opinions please.

  2. well crappy event for this time of year but wouldn't it be that you are both at fault, you both backed into each other so i cant see how a claim is viable, just my opinion far from an expert, GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. I wouldn't. If it's painfully obvious you're at fault that would be different. Let others sort it out.
  4. Both at fault.

    Your insurance company probably will be happy for you both to claim, they get two excesses..
  5. You reversed into each other?
    You are both at fault.
  6. Very common incident. You will both be portioned 50 percent of the fault. Neither of you have to claim, being the same insurance company makes no difference as you both have separate contracts.
  7. Blatant false advertising, i see no Lara bingle photo's for advice
  8. Unless they decide I'm at fault and her damage should be repaired on my policy, I hadn't intended to claim.
    My damage is some minor marks on the bumper (to add to all the other minor marks on the bumper lol) and a cracked tail light from the bumper being pushed in to it - I can get a tail light off ebay for $50.
  9. If the insurance company gets involved you will most likely both pay excess and more importantly both lose your no claim bonus. Push for half the damage to their car. If she is unwilling to negotiate then it depends on the damage but you will still probably be better paying all than the excess and no claim bonus loss.
  10. even if you don't decide to proceed with a claim you should let your insurance company know about the incident. At least that way you can keep your options open. Nothing will (should) happen to your rating unless and until they pay out.
  11. Both are at fault. Happened to a work colleague. Neither of you shouldn't have to claim...call them up and ask for their advice, most likely they will say both parties at fault and they won't pay either of you out. So you both have to foot your own bills. If she sues you outside of insurance, then that's another story.