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Bimoto account security

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Sitting Bull, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Has anyone one else had any strange happenings with their Bimoto account? Apparently they lost their account database but there appears to still be a problem with their website. I just signed up an account with them and a previous order to some dude in Japan for an Alien jacket is pending in my order history. His address is also listed in my address book entries. I'm not too keen on entering any credit card details and not confident on the security of the website. Maybe could be wise to check your account if you have one with them. I've sent a query through the website about it.


  2. Received the following reply from Bimoto regarding the website,

    'sorry, but last week we had technical problems with our website.
    Some records on our website were broken, so it was impossible to place an
    order on our website.
    Our order form was working again since a few days, but now there seems to be
    a problem with the accounts of our customers.
    Our webmaster decided today to empty all customers information from our
    databank, so any information can no longer be seen by other customers.
    In anyway creditcard information could not be seen by other customers,
    because this information was placed in 3 different records on our website.

    For the moment it is not possible to place an order on our website.
    Probably we will have to re-instal the whole website if we can not repair
    the broken records on our databank.

    You can eventually let us know in which articles you are interested.
    Shipping an payment information can be arranged later on.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.'
  3. you would think a big company like that would have better security..

    are you saying someones ordered something with your credit card?? or just ordered it on your account but hasn't been processed?

  4. I never entered my credit card details after seeing someone's pending order and address under my account as soon as I logged in for the first time. Who knows what would have happened if I tried to order anything from the website. The pending transaction was showing as payment method-credit card so I'm guessing it had been paid for but still processing.
  5. I ordered some gear from them about three weeks ago. The checkout thing was busted then. After confirming amounts via email I was able to pay using my verified Paypal account. Easy as.