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Bimota dreaming

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Oldmaid, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. OMG Womble whispered Bimota to me on Saturday. What a sexy looking ride!
    I have found one...a 2013 D8 with only 4kms ( :woot: ) but for only $24990. Supposed providence....
    In Adelaide.
    And comes with jousting sticks...
    It is a full moon you know.

    But what nice looking bikes... One i reallllllllly like is $95000...
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  2. image.
    Wotta bouta da Yoshi, can he come too :)
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  3. That's a saving of like, errrrrrrrrrrr, $70 grand??
    Sorry, what was the problem?
  4. Ha ha ha...no prob just seemed cheap for the 2013
    the 2015 new would be about $45k+...
    Have you ridden one LionzLionz ?
  5. Na would be me and a trailer...wooohooooo road trip ;)
  6. No, but i can see the attraction - a lot. You know me OldmaidOldmaid ............. can't resist temptation ;)
  7. Indeed!
    Just thinking about it is hot fun in itself but I do rather fancy just a quick ride on something outside my league just to see what it's like you know LionzLionz
    Even if I never get another chance this lifetime would make for a great memory ... :angelic:
  8. Agreed.
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  9. Sell a kidney and go for it.
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  10. Are you sure that's not a DB5R that's for sale?
    Actually, I preferred the look of the DB5 when I saw some Bimotas in the shop a couple of years ago.
  11. Would this happen to be the dream bike? Bimota DB8 Oronero :) [ 800mm seat height ]

    Bimota DB8-ORONERO.
  12. Send me the money, I'll buy it and ride it back for you, business class return thanks :)
  13. Do you know that sounds like a plan....seriously. Return flight Business no probs.
    My brain is whirring now with possibilities...
    Oh dear.
  14. Thats the really expensive one. But if I may so crazily quote the words of Stevie Wonder isn't she lovely isn't she wonderful...
  15. You're right AlGrooverAlGroover it is the DB5R.... I thought .... typed DB but should have put me glasses on instead of phaffing around trying to be a smartarse as always...
    here it is
    seriously tempted.
    Can be lowered for me.
    I have already found out this morning...

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  16. That'd be Duncan, the lying sack of shit he is! All the Bimota's you see kicking around are from a liquidation sale of a Bimota dealer in either NSW or QLD.

    I had made him an offer which he accepted verbally. I pestered him for 2 days to give me his bank details so I could pay the deposit, he came up with all sorts of excuses. Two days later on the Monday, he takes someone else to look at the bike and sells it for $2,000 more. When I tore him a new arsehole over it, he offers me $1,000 to shut me up!

    Turns out he lied about the damage that he claims didn't exist on it, but the old auction reports and the bike shop he had them stored at (Ducati Adelaide) confirmed the damage and the version of events.

    Oh, then he offered me the DB5r that he swore he'd never part with and it was the only bike he wanted but accidently purchased 3 of them! Either way, I think he paid about $15,000 for that particular bike, it has no history, no service books, no pre-delivery and only one key.

    Hot tip, he knows he has an uphill battle to sell these bikes and has not cashed in like he though he would. If you are interested, low ball him, he'll probably move it as anyone remotely looking at Bimota's know the circumstances around these cheap 2013 bikes.
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  17. Ah thank you cazzocazzo funnily I saw the name Duncan and Adelaide and had a vague memory of a thread about bike gazumping...last Oct??

    Mmmmm...caveat emptor but if I could get the price down still very very tempting.
    Already got a quote for transporting to Syd as well...mmmm
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  18. OMG, OldmaidOldmaid! They can see you a'comin! ;-)
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  19. Older models,giant pain in the arse to work on, another mate has a couple. Very hard to get parts for, for some odd reason Japan is a hot bed of bits. Oldmaid, have a look at Tesi as well. Seem there is one in Townsville I have seen a few pics of.
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  20. #20 Bam Bam, Jun 2, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2015
    forgive me, i'm not trying to be a smartarse, but i'm new to bikes.
    Why are these worth $95,000? it sure looks nice, but i can't imagine they would ride any better than the latest offerings from any of the other major brands. Can someone explain to me?
    I love the MV augusta's and they are fairly pricey with a successful racing history and are less than half the price, but i never heard of Bimota.
    Would love to know what the go is!

    @71kw, it's nothing to scream about.