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Billy Joel

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by boo, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Apart from the excellent concert, some of the many added bonus of
    owning/riding a bike? Leaving Kilsyth 40mins b4 the concert, filtering through what appeared to be ova half an hour of Friday night peak pre concert traffic, saving yourself 10bucks in parking ticket fees. Riding up to the front door with a smug grin ear to ear & joining the line of only a handful of other “privileged” riders, parking the bike & strolling into a packed arena with 5mins to spare.
    Gotta love ya bike!

  2. i was there too (not watching, but working) got to say was a good concert it was. never had a interest in billy joel but it did sound good. plus get to see it again on sunday nite.

    hey boo ....you didn't happen to be that yellow cbr i was next to at the lights and then turn off at punt rd. if so, that was me next to ya on the hyosung.
  3. They don't make songwriters like Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder any more. What a brilliant musician, lyricist and storyteller.
  4. I like some of Billy Joel's early stuff, but he should have been biatch-slapped for "Uptown Girl". :LOL:
  5. I used to like his music a lot and can still sing along, but over the last
    week Gold have been playing him non-stop including heaps of repeats
    and that's the only station we can get at work. 8hrs of BJ a day sounds
    good, but 8hrs of Billy Joel repeats is hell.
  6. So this is where my thread went. I'm a little slow...
    Yep yep yep that was me, bloody small world.
    Your bike sounded great, it looks like a full size bike yeah?
    Hey nice to meet u by the way! :wink:
  7. Loz, how's the mo going? Any photo's u can put up? U shld have sumfim to show afta wots the date now.. Almost 1/2 a month... :p