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Bill Hicks Bio-pic (and stand-up generally)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ogden, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Watched the new Bill Hicks doco, "American: the Bill Hicks Story", over the weekend. Usually I steer clear of these things as they too often descend into overblown, bullshit hagiography, but I really dug this one. (Good footage, good interviewees, excellent use of interviewees words instead of 3rd person narration, cleaver use of pictorial collage to "animate" the film's audio-narrative content. In short: Funny, and really f*ckin interesting.

    I've watched and listened to Bill Hicks' material in the past, but never really got him, not in terms of where he was coming from (I get that), its just that I sometimes have difficulty enjoying sarcasm when it's laid on too think. (N.B. sarcasm and irony are not the same thing... and irony, esp. when its character based is what I enjoy most - if you've seen Eddie Izzard's stuff, you'll know what I mean). Anyway, knowing a little more about the Bill Hicks, I feel I have a new appreciation for what he does...

    So, aside from recommending this pic to you mob, I'm wondering:
    Who are the comedians your into?
    What stuff would you recommend?
  2. Big fan of Hicks my self, I have seen the documentary, very well made, especially the animations that went with it, helped convey his life I think, other great comedians, Louie CK, Doug Stanhope, and Joe Rogan
  3. Bill Hicks (a personal god to me, has been a long time), George Carlin if you don't know of him. And the original story guy, Richard Pryor. The more mainstream of my tastes are Lenny Henry + Robin Williams. Probably more but busy helping my wife prepare lunch, just sat down for a 5 minute break and saw this :)
  4. Billy Connolly never fails to get me into a state of pain from laughter at some point in a standup show, even though I know his schtick pretty well. Bill Bailey is also good, Rich Hall is great. There's an Adam Hills special on ABC iview at the moment that's good. Also on there is Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow. McIntyre himself annoys the hell out of me, but watch for standup performances from Daniel Sloss and Milton Jones in Series 2, Episode 1 (better watch soon 'cos I'm not sure how soon it will finish up on iview). Edit: Start at 9 min in that episode for the good stuff.

    *That's* the kind of comedy I enjoy!
  5. YouTube is a wonderful invention... Started with George Catlin watched about half an hour of stuff, laughed heaps. I think I liked him for the same reasons I liked Bill Hicks. But Richard Prior... F*ck, he's funny! The element of self-deprecation he incorporates is effective at pulling you into his stories really quickly. The others are funny, but more so once they've built up a head of steam. Prior doesn't seem to need that (which makes random snipets from YouTube pretty good viewing).

    Also, it's true what people say about all the bad shit he's had to carry with him thought his life putting his stand-up on another level. He seems able strikes a note of pathos that gives his humour an extra layer. Not that I'm saying the others are shallow, good comedy has to be some real thought behind it. But there's an extra depth to Prior's stuff which maybe has something to do with his manner on stage. It's 'disarming', but the comedy seems not to loose its edginess. At his best, I think Rich Hall seems to be able to tap this element by playing the buffoon.

    Much thanks for the suggestions. =D> I think I'm gonna be entertained for days exploring this stuff. (y)
  6. I'm a big fan of Joe Rogan. He's pretty out there too, but his standup is hilarious. Really interesting podcasts too