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Bikini Fairing pros and cons

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by port80, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. I'm looking at getting a bikini fairing for the spada. http://www.shaggydogfairings.com/images/stories/partimages/bikinis/7_and_half_bikini_web.jpg
    Some how I manage to end up with bugs and crap flying up into my helmet (KBC VR1) and I think it flys up through the gap near my chin. My theory is that the fairing will angle the oncoming wind at an angle and the crap won't end up in my helmet. It'd also be good to ease the pressure off of my chest when going into hard headwinds. Any other ideas or suggestions?

  2. I had one put onto my VTR - it certainly helps - but doesn't stop all the bugs :p :grin:
  3. I have just had one put on the GS and it makes a huge difference to the wind factor by deflecting the wind higher up, but as Black Betty said, it won't stop all of the bugs.
  4. I've got one on the bandit but it is a bit bigger than the one in your pic. It is great in the wind and I dont have any trouble with bugs.

    Didn't stop the magpie I hit once. Wouldn't recommend doing that cos its like being hit in the head with a cricket bat.
  5. Thats a point :shock: didn't deflect the Lyrebird that tried to join me on-route either :eek: but certainly helped on the long-haul back from the GOR - can easily snuggle down behind it on those long open roads :grin:
  6. screens are a good thing man.. on the across i have no drama with bugs or anything of the like.. and also its a big help to have a screen to duck down behind when it gets windy or cold.
  7. Thanks everyone for the input. Now I just need to find the best priced / best looking one.
  8. C'mon dude, naked bike riders pride themselves on being teh toughest and coolest bikers around, don't let the team down by resorting to such silly things as 'practicality'!!
    Be strong and don't give into temptation, for God remembers such sins.
    Keep him happy by leaving your bike the way it was meant to be! :p
  9. Thanks :p But its a fact that satan already has dibs on my soul :LOL:

    Also Thanks, but those fairings are ye gads expensive. Shaggy dog have nice looking ones for $250 complete.
  10. Hi guys, i just joined and I am considering getting a spada, Where in the world can I get the fairing shown in the previous post? I tried searching in google but haven't come up with anything yet.
  11. Get your post count up and send VTR250Project a PM. Or with a bit of luck he might see this thread and reply.
  12. yup, thats what I'm trying to do, get my post count up soon and pm him, hopefully he'll see the thread though. Thanks
  13. As much as I like the Spada etc, surely there is a bike with a fairing that makes more sense, than buying a 15+yr old naked bike (which arguably looks and has aged better, naked, than many other late 80s designs) and trying to find a fairing for it?

    If you must own a honda vtwin 250 with a fairing, Maybe just get an old vt250 which is mechanically very similar to the Spada?

    Good luck finding a good one though :)


    Bit too old school now with their rear drum, unusual wheel size etc
  14. First, that site is blocked and flagged by our servers as a major source of malware so don't download anything.

    More importantly, a bikini fairing works well - and done right looks good.

    I've got one on the Katana and I'm very happy with it.

  15. VT250 with firestorm fairing, so hot right now :grin:
  16. Thanks TonyE, but two bikes later and it's all good - the early model cbr600f has good protection.

    adri4n - If you're interested in the Spada then please get it checked out. They are getting old now. The engines are great, while they work however I've known three Spadas that have had expensive engine problems.
  17. I'm really looking for a good commuter bike, something light enough to manouvor around but fun to ride. I was considering the spada and then I saw the fairing. So I understand what you mean about it being a little weird getting a spada which is supposed to be naked and then slapping a fairing on, but that fairing just looks sweet and thats what drew me in.

    I realise that even though the spada is getting on in age the price doesn't seem to let up. I will definitely give the engines a good going over if I ever chance across one for sale, thanks for the heads up. Hows finding parts and such for repairs though?