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Biking with 4wds

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by blue_mini, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    Had a thought about the touring and off road stuff ive read about and was wondering how a bike would go in a group of 4wds. As most of my mates are pretty keen 4wders, touring and going to Fraser Island and places. Im going to sell my current 4wd, and thought about doing it a bit differently, hence the bike.
    Would i have any problems with this idea, or is 4wding speeds just going too slowly for bikes?
    Are bikes legally allowed anywhere that 4wds can go? Fraser Island and other tracks mainly.
    Can anyone reccommend any suitable bikes? I will still be on my learners, so it means sub 250cc.
    Thanks for your help, the idea of touring on a bike looks really good, and different to all of my mates.

  2. i ride with a 4WD mate sometimes...a lot of waiting on sections but it's always fun camping and watching him try stuff :p
  3. :LOL: Now THATS a 16 (4x4) being used properly :LOL:
  4. thanks for your time, just having a look into the possibilities of it

    btw, they are great pictures, the kind of camping i want to do, just a bike and a tent. Letting someone else bring all of the luxury stuff.
    Only problem now is deciding whether to get a bike or a defender. A hard decision bit someones got to make it, lol.

    Thanks heaps,
  5. My dad has that exact same car fridge with the same cover on it. :cool:

    Re time warp...yeah weird. Sometimes the compression algorithm can get confused. But I don't know how it could do THAT.

    I had a shot of our boat on the choppy water taken from a distance. The jpg compression made the writing on the side of the boat all wavy, seemingly taking it's cues from the wavy water...strange.

    PS looks like he shouldn't have hit the brakes :LOL:

    EDIT: oh zooming in on the number plate it looks like he used the swirl effect to blurr the number plate (lots of little ones) and then must have done it then. YOu should know from that kiddy p0rn case that the federalis can undo it and see the original image...oooohhhhhhhhh no...then they can do you ... for....carrying a black hole without a license.
  6. im still a j00b in the dirt...i would fcuking shit myself going down that hill...even if i hadn't just seen it eat a defender
  7. Engel fridge and Engel fridge bag....not exactly unique mate :) I've got that combo sitting right next to me as we speak.

    Touring and camping is great on a bike.

    Doing it on a 250 is no problem. Personally if it were me, I'd get a good old TTR250. Its not all about power. Those bikes will go anywhere the bigger boys can, plus you'll do it cheaper and with less stress. They are simple to work on (ie fix) and use no fuel. Then you can sell it for virtually what you bought it for and upgrade in a year or two.
  8. :LOL: I actually LOL'd.. :oops:

    Good to see he got the Engel out though.. :wink:

    I've done a bit of riding with the 4x4 blokes, but I found that I'm doing laps of places while they're still driving. If it's a 4x4 trip, I prefer to be driving. Apart from that, I think I'm getting old - it's starting to hurt more for longer every time I get out on the dirt.. :oops:

  9. I love those steep hill decents.........do it alot on the KLR with all the camping gear on......Great fun, but hard.


    Great stuff.....wrecking my bike , one ride at a time.. :LOL:
  10. Hang on dear....shouldn't that be 'wrecking LIL'S bike one ride at a time'????? :p :twisted: :LOL:
  11. Personally I find that it doesn't work. On the easy stuff the bikes are far far quicker. But then there's a lot of places that the bikes can go but the 4WD can't, and the opposite too. I've seen some full on 4WD's get up some steep sections that there was just no chance of me getting up.