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Biking for the taller rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hannypad, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Hi troops, new to netrider and riding in general. I recently got my L's and am looking into my first LAMS bike. I'm looking for advice from the more experienced out here on which bike to go for. I'm 6"7 and 110KG's so i'm very aware that a 125cc just won't cut it for me. My plan is to ride the local streets for a month or so and then need to commute 25 mins on Sydney's M2 & M7. I'm looking to buy 2nd hand and spend a max of $4000. Any advice would be awsome.

  2. 6 and a half foot , holy smoke batman
  3. you will need to add what type of bike
    e.g sports or cruiser etc
  4. At 6"7 even most cruisers will need forwards control extensions to be comfortable
  5. Welcome.
    There's a bike ergo site that someone will hopefully post a link to. Sit on a few bikes and use those as reference.
    I'd say you will get a lot of recommendations for a CB400. That's around the top end LAMS bike. There are plenty similar with similar specs.
    I was 110 kg and am about 6'2 but have dropped to 95 kg now. Ye Olde ZR is about the same power to weight as the CB400 but seat would be too low for you - legs bent up too far.

    Conventional wisdom will be to budget for gear so if your $4000 hasn't allowed for that you'll need to drop about $1000 off that which will limit your options. Plus you'll need some allowance for those things that often need to be done when buying a used bike.

    As others have mentioned, place to start with is what "type" of bike you are looking for. Then I'd be looking at the ergo site and punching a few numbers in and visiting shops just to try out the fit and see what appeals to you.

    I go to the LAMS limit if I was you.

    Will try and find and post the ergo site unless some one else beats me.

    Edit: http://cycle-ergo.com
    for when you get an idea what you are looking for.
  6. I'm thinking of sports or naked bikes just now. Sat on the Kawasaki ZZ-R250 and it felt alright. The GPX250 looks big and in the price range as well. Also considering the HYOSUNG GT250. Any thoughts?
  7. I'm 6'5" and started out on chook chasers. Have you considered a motard?
  8. Hyosung?
    Please don't.
  9. Reminds me of the Shaq bike from Motorcycle Mania 3

  10. did he say hyosung o oll
  11. I'm 6ft6in and hover around 90 kg. 1st bike was 650RL "ninja".

    No probs with comfort from a size pov. Just the seat was a bit hard.

    Sat on a suzuki - to small
    Sat on a hyo - too small AND too Korean
    Looked at a yamaha and wasn't willing to pay an extra $2k for no real benefit.

    If you can find one of these within budget it's probably been droped but ya never know
  12. GS500 is a good choice and quite tall. My mate is like 6ft3 and he liked it.
  13. The CB400 was pretty comfortable for me and I'm 6ft1in also didn't have any trouble with the Spada 250 but you are proabably a little heavier than me so might not be an option. try the CB400 I think it would be quite comfortable for you.
    Every rider is different so just go to the bike shops and sit on every bike you've looked at on the internet and think you'd like. there's no shame in window shopping when it comes to getting the right first bike. Even a CBF250 may work for you my partners about the same height as you and he loved it as a commuter it's got a good upright position or an ER5 Kawasaki there are so many bikes to chose from I'm sure you'll find one you like.
  14. DR650, it might not look it, but those are quick till illegal speeds.
  15. I'd suggest a DR650, KLR650, F650 (the real 650 not the detuned 800) or something similar.
  16. DR400SM. Don't need to go to knobby tyres unless the OP actually intends to ride on dirt.

    Would that be the G650 then?
  17. Could be, but I was thinking the older F650, which was a single cylinder 650 engine, Rotax I believe, Aprilia used the same engine in it's Pegaso.
  18. I'm 6'4 (193cm) and found the old single-cylinder F650GS Dakar to be a comfy fit. The lower seat of the F650GS (non-Dakar) of the same vintage means the cutouts of the dummy fueltank interfere with my knees/thighs uncomfortably, but YMMV.

    KLR650s have lots of legroom for tall people. I imagine that's the case for most dual-sport bikes.

    Big 250cc bikes... the Honda Hornet 250 is one of the physically biggest 250cc bikes (has the chassis of the Hornet 600), as is the Hyosung GT250R (has the chassis of the GT650R). Though the Hornet is a grey import and so sourcing parts/insurance may be frustrating at times, and the Hyosung has a dubious reputation when it comes to reliability.

    The VTR250 is what I learned on, though it's a little lacking in legroom. Legs very much folded up.

    +1 to the cycle-ergo.org page for getting a rough idea, though it doesn't account for the apparent or actual width of the bike in its calculations so it's not always accurate with regards to leg angles/comfort.
  19. Hi guys I guess I'll add to this thread.

    I"m also 6'4 and about 112 kgs, looking at my first bike. I've been looking primarily at cruisers due to my height, and I also have pretty dodgy knees. (it's uncomfortable to keep them bent for long periods without stretching them out). I've also got a pretty tight budget. My bike needs to be reliable (daily commuter) but comfy for a ride with friends on weekends. I've been looking primarily at the xvs650 but am open to suggestions as I sat on a mates the other day and still felt a little to tall for it.

    What is the go with forward extension controls? Will most bike shops do it, and roughly how much would I be looking at to have them installed?

    Thanks in advance

  20. I am about 6' 6" and ~112kg. I am happy to ride my GF's VTR250, but can start to cramp up after about 90mins.
    Kawasaki 650, either ninja or er-6 is quite comfy size wise.
    CB400 is not too different from the vtr as far as size goes.
    XVS650 is enjoyable, I had one as a loan bike while I was getting a service. Only thing is if I owned one I would rotate the bars to sit higher, as they hit my knees during slow speed turns into driveways or u-turns.

    If I had to go through the LAMS thing myself right now, I would be looking at 4 choices, VTR250 (because I know how fun they can be, and super cheap to run), GS500, decent size and happy for highway riding, ER-6, likely the best bike to suit commuting/touring/twisties. Or a DRZ400-sm. It would take a lot to sway me away from one of those if I was stuck on LAMS. That is mainly due to how much I enjoy being a hooligan though.