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Biking around Southern Australia

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ukrider, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Hello from us in England. We are flying into Adelaide in September for 6 weeks and hoping to do some exciting bike trips. Would love to hear from anyone around the Adelaide/Melbourne areas to give us some tips!!

  2. Tip #1
    Head to Tasmania and forget about going anywhere else.

    (Well, the locals can give you the local lowdown on SA and Vic roads to travel, but do yourself a favour and search for the Tasmania threads on here, well worth it).

    You'll have fun wherever you decide to ride.
  3. ^ He's right of course. But since you're here you might has well have a look around the mainland too. Tell us what kind of riding you are after and we'll do our best to give you some advice.
    The mountainous region along the eastern end of the Victoria/NSW border might not be the Alps but offers lots of good riding and most roads will start to clear of snow around then.
  4. Riding Melb to Adelaide you would have to go along the Great Ocean Road, can be slow with tourist busses but still a nice road and plenty of places to stop along the way.
  5. Shame your start date wasn't October instead of September. The weather improves dramatically after September but You are from the UK so inclement weather is probably not an issue....... Shouldn't be hard to find ride buddies/guides here on Netrider so work out a list of "must sees" and post them up so we can help out in some way. Also let us know the type of ride you are looking for - adventure, cruising, sports, scenic etc. as there are a mixed group on this forum.
  6. I maybe able to show you around Adelaide. I go away for 5 days at a time for work. So when it get closer I should be able to say if I am in town or not.
  7. re the Victorian Alps & Snowy Mountains - better left till at least October. The official snow season doesn't end tlll very early October and it is illegal to travel on some high roads without chains. Doesn't matter if the road is dry and the sun is shining, the police can still book you for it and/or make you turn around.

    Some roads are shut for the ski season too, including the Bogong High Plains road from Falls Creek to the Omeo Highway (may not open for some weeks after the end of the ski season), the road from Perisher to Charlotte Pass (usually opens early October) and the Tooma road from Khancoban to Cabramurra (not sure what is normal for this one)
  8. What a great site. Thank you all so much for your replies.

    Our plan is to buy a KLR 650 or equivalent from a dealer or through gumtree etc... We have done a bit of research and think it will be considerably cheaper to buy rather than hire.... Does anyone know differently??
    We've heard that there maybe some issues we need to know about regarding registering the bike... Can anyone enlighten us on this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    We are visiting from 20th September for 6 weeks so might be able to visit the Alp region as you suggest Technocynic and thanks for the tip re laws!

    Lionz... You will be pleased to know that we are definitely going over to Tasmania and it's great that you recommend it for biking.

    S-mc500 ... We will definitely do the Great Ocean Road in one direction then back across from MelbourneTo Adelaide on the inland roads.

    Eric... Thank you for the invitation to join you if you are off work... We shall try to get in touch when there... That would be great.

    Thanks guys...
    Guy and Kathy
  9. You'll have a blast mate! Would suggest buying a registered bike with existing RWC as you won't have to mess around getting RWC done and any complications that may arise from that. Gumtree sells many unreg bikes so be aware of that. The other best website to check is called bikesales. If you buy from a private seller you'll have to take the transfer papers to the state road authority yourself, whereas a bike bought from a dealer is normally "ride away" where they do all the legwork. So easier, but of course generally costs more.

    Not sure of any issues re purchasing as a non permanent resident, you'd have to look at either the vicroads or SA equivalent to check - depending on where you're planning to buy the bike.
  10. Hi mate. I'd probs be able to come for a ride with you when you're in Adelaide as well. Lots of fun hills roads to enjoy.
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    This is great information. Thanks very much.

    Excellent... Will be in touch when we get there.