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NSW Bikies to be banned from owning tattoo parlours

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tone2, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Bikies to be banned from owning tattoo parlours: O'Farrell
    April 20, 2012 - 5:03PM

    Bikies will be banned from owning tattoo parlours in NSW, in the latest government response to a spate of shootings that have rocked western Sydney.

    They will also be prohibited from wearing their colours at all licensed venues in Sydney's popular nightclub district of Kings Cross.

    Premier Barry O'Farrell said the proposed anti-tattoo legislation would be taken to cabinet on Monday.

    The new licensing regime would give NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione the power to refuse tattoo parlour licences.

    The Crimes Act would also be amended to include tattoo parlours on a list of activities in which declared criminal organisations cannot participate.

    And from next Friday, 23 outlaw motorcycle and crime gangs would be banned from wearing colours at 58 Kings Cross venues, under changes to be put in place by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

    Mr O'Farrell said the tough changes would give police the necessary tools to "bring a halt to the shooting spree" that has racked Sydney in recent months.

    "What we're announcing today is a package of measures aimed at outlaw motorcycle gangs," he said today.

    Mr Scipione welcomed the tougher tattoo parlour regime and the Kings Cross ban.

    "I'm very pleased to say we'll be making very good use of them as soon as we can," he said at the same press conference.

    The changes come after two more drive-by shootings in Sydney overnight which have been linked to a war between rival gangs the Hells Angels and Nomads.

    A police van was also torched outside an inner-west tattoo parlour, which reportedly has links to the Nomads.


    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/bikies-to...rs-ofarrell-20120420-1xc3y.html#ixzz1sYujGwoU
  2. Yeah them owning tattoo parlours is the issue. Must be seen to be doing something, anything even if its so stupid.

    End the war on drugs and institute real harm minimization and then you will see some action on bikies
  3. This is so wrong in a free enterprise system

    what next - motorcycle riders are not allowed to own a business manufacturing protective clothing ?
  4. should ban chinese from fish and chip shops, cos what they have done to previously good fish and chips is criminal!
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  5. I don't live in nsw, and have no desire to get a tattoo, own a tattoo parlour, or join a bikie gang. But really?? Are bikie tattoos so bad they need to be banned?
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    There are few places a bikie can get a legitimate job where there look is acceptable. Tattoo parlours are one. Of course there are plenty of illegitimate jobs they can get if they can't work in a tattoo shop.

    Let's give them no option but to resort to crime, that seems sensible.

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  7. They're not saying they can't work in a tattoo parlour (I think), they're saying the can't OWN it. Seem silly to me.

    Also, do they really think they'll remove their colours in the clubs? What will happen is more police shootings I think as they try to take the colours from them.
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    Sorry minglis I think it is owning. But the legitimate income thing still applies.

    The only reason I could think is that they are used as money laundries. But are they? Expensive products mainly paid by card. An already suspect business? Not much use. A ban on bikies owning hair salons would be more effective.

  9. Or ice cream vans or burger vans.

    One of the many best things about the big HA run bike events in the UK (Kent, Bulldog, South & West) was getting your bacon butties served to you by a Hell's Angel in an apron :D.
  10. This will not affect the CURRENT parlours tho will it? Lots of them are owned by Bikies. I think it only allows them to deny new licenses.

    I can see new tattoo parlours being owned by bikies mums....
  11. How many bikies does it take to block the m4, m5, m7, m2 and any other major road into the city every morning? Wouldnt take long to get their point across...
  12. Wouldn't it just lead to more residential shootings?
  13. How is this possible under anti-discrimination laws?
  14. Because the government are ****s and the public are too busy masturbating to afl, nrl and cricket to be bothered dealing with anything that matters.
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  15. any action against those scums is good..
    but i say put them bikies on a field and give them some guns and let them shoot each other away from the public
  16. They aren't shooting at each other because they own tattoo parlours, like stopping that will solve the problem.
  17. Oh please. There's any of a couple thousand warehouses. And that's sydney alone.

    fair point, most of those back alley fish and chip shops are fronts for china.
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  18. well there's youre problen.......
    kinda a dumb place to park, specially if un-supervised.
    may as well park it next to their dry-cleaners (cough* shooting range cough*), and not expect it to get used for target practice
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    There look? Would that be numerous tattoos? Them and how many thousands of other people in Australia with tattoos?

    So there shouldn't be any laws implemented because the bikies might not be able to get a job anywhere else? Please.

    Agree with the proposed laws or not, this is a baseless argument.
  20. Let them and the cops shoot it out and we can be rid of two groups of brutal enforcers that do some good but mostly bad.
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