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bikies and bikers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nobby, May 23, 2006.

  1. All this talk of bikies and bikers and I'd forgotten about this:

    I think it was around 1979, I was in the RAAF in QLD and working evenings with Wormald Security, to get to work I was riding my all conquering Honda CB175, :oops: One night going to work in my Wormald uniform complete with night stick on the belt and wearing a poxy yellow Shoei helmet, I was waiting at the Rocklea traffic lights and was surounded by big ugly "army great coat wearing" bikies on dirty big and bloody load bikes. I thought "phark I'm going to die", if I take off at the same time as these guys they will just run right over me, or kick the crap out of me for getting in thier way.

    So I did what any red blooded Aussie would do, kicked it into second, held the brake on and stalled the bike. Figured I would let em all go and then get on my way

    One of those big ugly bikies stopped and asked if I was OK.....
    I shat myself, I thought the bastard was going to eat me... anyway I said "no I'm fine" in a squeeky voice and he was on his way..... and I lived to tell the tale....
  2. Mate a number of people who think they know how these blokes work or what they take from the media crap need to sit back and read between the lines. These blokes eat live breath shit and talk bikes and the way of life they have chosen. Most are fathers,grandfathers,business men,lawyers,doctors and such. they raise millions of dollars for charity and are unsung hero's to a host of people. But public perseptions are aghaust with the police and media crap. We live and do what most people only dream of doing. and we do it our way. we get in trouble for it just like anyone else, coppa's,lawyers,doctors the aveage cage driver. it is just a way of scare mongering by the cops and media driven by the cops that make us big bad and uncouth.

    wake up people and smell the roses.
  3. Mate, I'll talk to Doctors and Bikies, Business men and Grandfathers, sheit I'll even talk to you, but I ain't lowering my standards and talking to friggen lawyers. :wink:
  4. Trouble there mate is when there riding they all look and act the same so you would not know if they didnt tell ya :wink:
  5. Well said Bikie. Couldn't agree with you more. Most of the bikies I know would give ya the shirt off their own back if you needed it more than them.
  6. When I was 18 and still on my P's I was invited to a party on a farm outside St Leonard's (near Geelong). The party was being held for a local chapter from Geelong. I was a bit unsure at first and my mate and I thought it would be best to leave our Rice Burners at home :wink:

    It turned out to be one of the best experiences and memories I have :grin:

    When we walked in the door here was this tatooed bloke. First thing he said to us was.."Gday Indian's the name" :shock: he then proceeded to show around, where the grog was etc.

    Top bloody night........thats all I can say :grin:

    Cheers :cool:
  7. from the few times i have ever got to socialise with these guys they on a whole very friendly and welcoming, and as to the old crap about rival gangs not getting along, i was at the morwell bike show (hosted by the coffin cheaters) and there were 4 or 5 different clubs evident, all wearing there own colours and it was a top day, great food, great music (and som damn good looking girls)

    the only down side i can see is that they ride harleys :p
  8. I remember back when i was a teenager in scouts, we used to go and help at one of the bikie's shows in brisbane as a fund raiser. Nearly every one i met are exceptioanlly nice and polite and would go out of their way to help. Though the image may be different.......
  9. When I lived in Sydney our local pub was also the hang out for a Kiwi based bikie chapter. They were pretty cool blokes, loved rugby league and thats how I got started talking to them.

    They did not appreciate wankers but then again either do I. One time a bunch of skns came into the pub and wanted to blue a couple of the bros, big mistake as half this gang were maoris next thing I know they sent me, my missus and a couple of mates to stand behind the bar and said don't worry we'll look after you, and they did. :)

    Got invited to attend a wake for one of their members and was welcomed into the club rooms and was told the rules, followed the rules no issues. I understand that this was a great privilage and it showed me that if you respect them then they generally will respect you.

    RIP Gypsy, great bloke and great dad.

    Bikies are normally pretty good in my experience, but they live a lifestyle and code of life that I could not and wish not to participate in. lets not forget they are blokes like all of us bt can be mean mothers when someone disses them.
  10. My brother-in-law rode with a club in Adelaide a long time ago (before he got religion and went bad :LOL: ).

    My brother shared a flat with one of the original Canberra Angels (after they got their charter and changed their name from The Silent Choir).

    I find that you just need to take people as you find them. Most patch club members are normal people - some are great people - some are stupid people. A bit like here :wink:

    I can remember a mate and I drinking with a couple of patch club members in the Canberra Rex 30+ years ago (back in the days before they moved it upmarket and ruined it :LOL: ).

    Some prat tried to pick a fight with the guy we were drinking with. He went on and on and on - he finally suceeded when he poured beer over him. The bloke who poured the beer got well and truly stomped by the guys - but reluctantly :grin:

    I was pretty impressed with their restraint - but once it started it was one in all in.

  11. sounds just like NetCrasher to me :D
  12. I find with most clubs you won't get any hassles from the full members, particularly when they are in full colours. It's the hangers on and the noms who aren't going anywhere that are usually the trouble makers.

    I had a similar experience to Nobby on my 3rd day of ownership of my Vulcan. Stopped at a set of lights in Newcastle and got surrounded by 5 Gladiators, 1 of whom had the loudest exhaust I've ever heard. They gave me a look and a nod & promptly roared off at the change of lights whilst I eased away behind them.