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Bikie war escalates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. Bikie war escalates
    By Marnie O'Neill

    POLICE fear public safety is at risk because of escalating tensions between two warring motorcycle tribes.

    Acting Commander Mick Sheehy said he feared innocent bystanders would be caught in the crossfire between rival gangs the Nomads and the Rebels unless a truce is called.

    "Our concern is that the public may be at risk from this dispute," Detective Inspector Sheehy said.

    Insp Sheehy said the NSW Gang Squad has offered to mediate between the clubs in an effort to prevent further bloodshed.

    "If they can't come together for talks then we'll do it for them," he said. "We'd be more than willing to act as mediators."

    On Friday night, the Nomads shut down their Sydney clubhouses and held crisis talks at a secret location.

    The Sunday Telegraph found the Nomads' Riverstone and Granville chapters - the latter run by the notorious Sydney underworld identity Sam Ibrahim - deserted.

    Inspector Sheehy said it appeared the dispute was between the Rebels and splinter factions within the Nomads rather than with the Nomads as a whole.

    It is understood some Nomads are unhappy with on-going efforts by the Rebels to absorb smaller bikie clubs.

    The Nomads have yet to replace their former national president John "Metho Tom" Browne and several senior Nomads members are believed to be vying for the position - causing further internal tension.

    Six months of tit-for-tat attacks between the two clubs reached fever pitch last week when Browne's business was targeted in an arson attack.

    His Blacktown-based Harley Davidson museum and dealership was razed on Wednesday morning, causing more than $1 million damage.

    The following night a Homebush panel-beating business owned by Rebels' sergeant-at-arms Simon Rasic was burnt down.

    Nomads and Rebels members have been wounded in several gun-related incidents since the start of the year.
  2. bring out the popcorn....
  3. Dont believe everything you read, the media have a way of putting fear into people.

    they are clubs not tribes

    NSW gang squad as mediators Wot a joke

    and has any innocent bystanders been hurt NO!

    dont believe everything you read
  4. Here we go again. The monumental gullibility (or should it be stupidity) of the outlaw apologists is beyond belief.
    "Don't believe all that you read"
    OK, Bob, I won't. And I'll start with your little gem of head-in-the-sand drivel.
  5. Depends? During this clash or in the course of their day-to-day activities?

    Anyway, the article says that they fear that innocent bystanders will be hurt, which is a legitimate concern.
  6. Don't forget the rabid red necks, they come out in force too :)
  7. haha I didnt even know there were bikie gangs in Australia :D
  8. You'd feel pretty cut if your bike had been in for a service at the time. :roll:
  9. I feel I detect some nievety in your post. because you will lead a very sheltered life with your head in the sand if you belive everything you read as it seems you do from your post.

    I was letting the youngens on this thread know that everything you read in the media is not always true and that most of it is hyped up to glorify a story.

    and what gives you the impression I have anything to do with outlaws, you could be no further from the truth, in your ASSUMPTIONS.

    so it is you who should unbury your head from its sandy bed my niaeve dribbling, friend.

    and dont believe everything you read.
  10. blah, blah, blah,blah
  11. that is the answer I expected from you rc36honda. grow up.
  12. bourbon-bob wrote

    So very true .
  13. Ah midnight good to see no ostrich in you.
  14. You seem to be an expert on club ,MC ansd 1% motorcycling isuues RC36 with in the forum over many posts

    so tell me which club are you with ?
    How long have you been a member ?
    which chapter?
    what experiance do you have in that lifestyle other than a freind told me ?
    You seem to be the resident expert on all club related issues , and i was wondering whether you have the history or the facts/ knowledge to back them up other than reading a book .

    if you feel that you dont want to answer the questions publically then feel free to pm the answers to me .
    But if you arent able to do it , then maybe it would be more appropriate for you to not comment or give special commentry
  15. And your point is???
    What are YOUR qualifications to comment on any of the issues on which you comment???
  16. You forgot the 'Are you also a policeman?' option.
  17. I think he is waiting for you to answer his questions first and it would be a sign of good manners to do that. as he asked first.
  18. Bob, you're the LAST person qualified to lecture ME about good manners.
    Your posts of late indicate very clearly where you stand and mine also show where I do. You're entitled to your opinion, of course, but you're not entitled to be wrong in your facts, and, until such time as you're a moderator on this forum (like THAT will ever happen), kindly refrain from acting like one.
    I have no obligation to take any notice of you at all.
  19. I am a loud mouthed opinionated arsehole who has a opinion on everything
    But i dont slag or stereo type people when I have no idea about them or their lifestyle
    you still havent answered the questions or are you just another keyboard hero?
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