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bikie shootings/brawling

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pete777, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. has anybody noticed that all of the names being mentioned or the faces you see are of people of middle eastern desent. are they bringing down all of the other clubs reputation?, yeh they are not so perfect citizens but they dont cause mayhem in public like these middle easterners. i live very close to two off the drive by shootings and its scary there are alot of children around the area.

  2. ive read that article before, but my point to the post was its one breed of people destroying it for the others. why have the police got a middle eastern taskforce out there?. its because they are so heavily involved in crime that a special unit needed to be put together to watch there activities. ive had enough of them, this is not beirut this is SYDNEY, my home city. if they want to behave like they do in their country send em back
  3. all the combatants at the Milperra massacre were white Anglo-Saxons

    your point is???
  4. and the milperra massacre was over a dividing of clubs. not over drugs, turf etc. and the commo's are now mainly middle eastern ie their president
  5. most Chinese restuarants are run by Chinese

    your point is??
  6. Theres a lot of non middle eastern criminals out there too dont forget. You are right there is a lot of media attention on certain crimes at the moment. I was just referring to the article since your post reminded me of it. My only point was that not ALL middle eastern people should be lumped in with the recent highprofile criminal element. I wouldnt want to be lumped in with the likes of Martin Bryant or Chopper Read when they were grabbing the headlines either...
  7. your a geek
  8. my original point was to try point out the fact that the middle eastern minority of these bikie clubs are making it bad for all the other clubs. it wouldnt surprise me if extreme laws like consorting (the kind seen in S.A) are brought in to NSW where a persons free rights are taken from them
  9. You can manage two lame responses before you leave your argument and resort to personal abuse

    Obviously you don't have strong convictions about your argument

    so let me endorse what rodsyd just said, and add that if you are trying to stir up a racist argument here, you may get some response, but you may also get chopped off at the knees.......

    Lord have mercy; the reason WHY we have the situation we have is because NSW's Consorting Laws were disbanded :roll:.
  10. tell me moderator why is that if you mention middle eastern, its automatically a racist arguement?
  11. oh well lets live in a coutry where people can be free to use guns, bombs, extortion, sell drugs just cos of a bunch of do gooders
  12. Because, young man, you are specifying one racial group above others for suspicion, if not villification. How hard can it be to understand that? If a middle-eastern motorcycle forum were to host a post that complained about how many white Anglo-Saxons were involved in crime, that would be not racist either?????
  13. It's not racism if its true.
  14. mate stuff it its always racist isnt it. if i call some one middle eastern or asian its racist. but if they call me an aussie its not racist? too many bloody do gooders around stuffed up this beatiful country
  15. It's racism if the intention is to cast suspicion upon or villify a racial group.

    When Sheik Hilaly made his famous statement about Australian women, that was racism.

    The real question is; what's the INTENTION of bringing this (well-known) fact to our attention? Is it just for information, because, if it is, then it's just stating the bleeding obvious. Is it to cast aspersions on a racial group, or a group within a racial group? Obviously, yes. It is therefore a racist comment.

    The truth or otherwise of the comment has no bearing at all upon its intention.
  16. Pete, my family has been living in and shaping the culture and quality of this beautiful country for 207 years; I'm the patriot's patriot. But there just is no useful purpose to be had by pointing out the facts that you have. What can we DO about them? We can't ask all the immigrants to leave, can we? We can't have them sign a declaration when they get to Mascot that they won't join racially-based gangs, motorcycle or otherwise, because we don't like that sort of thing, can we?

    These things are happening, and we have to shape laws to deal with the crimes and the criminals, irrespective of whether they were born here of Anglo parents, or are immigrants or whatever.

    That's why I think this is a stirring thread, at best, but really a mischeivous one.
  17. i guess that makes me racist

    but i did sell me black and white tv and got a u bute colour lcd
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