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Bikie raid nets guns, child-p0rn

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,15569814-29277,00.html

    Bikie raid nets guns, child-p0rn
    By Jamie Duncan
    June 10, 2005

    POLICE have seized a cache of firearms including a machine-gun, drugs and child pornography in a series of raids on properties linked to a motorcycle gang in Melbourne and country Victoria early today.
    Five people were arrested during the raids, conducted simultaneously at Warragul and Longwarry, south-east of Melbourne, and in the south eastern suburbs of Noble Park, Carrum Downs and Seaford, about 5.30am (AEST) today.

    Police raided a clubhouse at Warragul and six other premises, all linked to the Coffin Cheaters motorcycle gang.

    Baw Baw district Inspector Keith Cantle said the list of seized items included:

    * A machine-gun, an assault rifle, at least four pistols and four shotguns;

    * A large quantity of drugs, including marijuana and powder believed to be amphetamine;

    * Two hydroponic systems;

    * A small amount of child pornography on computer disks;

    * A large amount of alcohol.

    The alcohol, seized from the clubhouse, included beer and spirits and was seized because of licensing offences, Insp Cantle said.

    Five people - a 37-year-old Warragul man, a 47-year-old Noble Park man, a 36-year-old Carrum Downs man,d a 44-year-old Seaford woman and a 31-year-old Narre Warren man - were arrested following the raids today, Insp Cantle said.

    It was likely all would be charged with a range of weapons and drugs offences, and the Warragul man would be charged for possession of child pornography, he said.

    The raids were part of a six month investigation of the activities of the Coffin Cheaters gang, Insp Cantle said.

    "It was a very good morning's work but it was the culmination of a lot of hard work," he said.

    "All the warrants were executed simultaneously. There was no resistance."

    The arrests were not related to a series of raids on premises linked to the Outlaws motorcycle gang last month, Insp Cantle said.

    On May 18, 10 men were charged following 27 raids on properties in outer suburban Melbourne, including two Outlaws motorcycle gang clubhouses.

    Those raids netted more than $500,000 worth of stolen property including five cars, 12 firearms including several shotguns and a pistol, a crossbow, a cache of ammunition, a balaclava, vehicle parts and a small quantity of cannabis, police said.
  2. Gold Coast police also raided the club house and homes of Rebel's members this morning - I'm trying to find an online story.

    The 'netted' all kinds of cool weapons including TASERS!
  3. Don't forget, they're just knockabout blokes... :LOL:
  4. unbelievable...........
  5. Who do they think they are??? The fashion police! :p
  6. Not sticking up for them (past experiances) but i would imagin the pawn was only one sic individual and had nothing to do with the club
  7. +1
    I was thinking the same thing. Why would they mention that...ohh a balaclava :roll:
  8. bwahahahaha a balaclava :LOL: shit, better go hide my 2 balaclavas, after all, cant be a biker with a balaclava can we :LOL: might be up to something, keeping myself warm wouldn't have anything to do with it now hey :roll:

    hehehehehe and the cannabis :roll: tell them to do a random check on ANY house in seaford. deadset, i reckon 90% of the residents there smoke it, and the other 10% havn't been started eating solid foods yet :LOL: (yeah i used to live there :oops: )
  9. you'd better watch out, you might get sacked for "Associating" with the big bad bikers here on netrider too
  10. Another beat up by the media .
  11. Another "the overwelming weight of evidence doesn't matter, I'll believe what I want to believe, no matter how stupid it is." posting,

    Get your heads out of the sand!

    If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck.

    But, I guess you'll just go on believing that they're as pure as the driven snow and that they're just a poor, misunderstood, persecuted minority who never hurt anyone and just want to be left alone to enjoy their peaceful lifestyle and have been the victim of media bias and official prejudice....

    Man, you guys are so pathetic.
  12. you really have a beef with bikers RC
    what did they do scare you at the traffic light one night?

    20% of the firearms held in suburban homes are unregistered firearms and they are the average joe , works hard for a living and as for drugs pfffffffff, big deal its sold on the streets out the front of flinders st station police box everynight.
    what a crook of shit , its all a beat up.
    One of the reports last time was a cahce of ammunition , 6 shotgun shells ( well theres a ammo running business if i have ever seen one)
    Going back about 2 yrs ago a bloke was arrested for having a 50 cal cannon , but they made him out to be a mad nut who was going to killeveryone
    It was a replica and it was inert , the barrel was filled and firing mechinism removed and it hung above his bar .
    The police had seen it when they inspected his other guns as part of his firearms liscense on several occassions , then they changed the firearms catogarys and this think needed to held under a differant code as a collector , so they confiscated it and the police or the media beat it up to sound like a big bust .

    if this is the culmernation of hard earned tax payers dollars and a year of resources by the police to come up with a few guns and someones dope , what a bloody waste.

    maybe taking that money , coppers and resourses and putting them out on the street to catch real crimals would be better for society.

    get over it
  13. You have some issues with the 1% . Maybe you should go down to one of their club houses and discuss it with them . Alot of non riders smoke dope , alot of non riders have guns , for what , that pathatic haul they call a bust . Im not saying thier angels (who of us are) . You need to step out of the square .
  14. Although...

    Sporting shooters? :shock:
  15. Machine Gun versus the Assault rifle, Pistols and shottie would be sporting perhaps... :LOL:
  16. I notice that they didn't mention any stolen bikes or stolen parts recovered this time... which sometimes happens.

    As for the balaclava (shakes his head)... that's what happens when you don't listen to people and start using Optimax in your motorcycles!

    Don't do it people!!!
  17. And if it walks like a cop, looks like cop, and squawks like one. hmmm :LOL:
  18. VERY intelligent response, folma, NOT
    pretty much what I expected though
  19. As I said, your defence of the 1%'s is SO pathetic.
    Defending their blatant breaking of the law by pointing at other people who do the same is so peurile, I can't belive that adults can actually stoop to that; that's the sort of childish response you get from a 9 year old in a school playground who defends their throwing of stones as all right because other kids are doing it too.
    Grow up, guys, your responses are only making yourselves look more foolish than you already appear.