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NSW Bikie laws invalid [national ramifications]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Jun 23, 2011.

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  3. Re: Bikie lawa invalid [nation ramifications]

    Yeah just saw it. So very very glad they've done this. Might pave the way for the other states to follow suit (doesn't SA have something like this?)
  4. Re: Bikie lawa invalid [nation ramifications]

    those guys are baddies but this law was bullshit and should have never been attempted...
  5. Re: Bikie lawa invalid [nation ramifications]

    It is good news. The law should operate like a sport - play the ball, not the man. The law should target illegal acts - like selling drugs. It already does. There's no need for a law that targets organisations, or pastimes. If the objection to an outlaw club - let's say the HAs - is that some members are selling drugs, then arrest the people who are and deal with them.

    If you can outlaw organisations, and attribute membership to that organisation arbitrarily, (You say I'm an HA - I say I'm not. Who's right?) then what's next? Political parties? * Can we outlaw nationalities or ethnic backgrounds? Can we outlaw a sexual orientation? (It used to be - it's not now - which way is society moving?) Let's make it simple - let's just outlaw everybody who doesn't vote for the government, and target those who speak out.

    I'm not actually against law and order, but I am against new and harsher laws about everything, every time a newspaper has an epiphany to sell more copies.

    * Just what did happen to One Nation anyway? I'm not a supporter, and I'm rather glad they're out of the picture, but the way it was done was not a shining example of a transparent and accountable democracy. A better question would be What happened to the Democrats?, because I can't believe professional politicians did that to their own party without a reason. Blackmail - physical threat - big bribe - I don't know, but something very fishy happened there.
  6. Re: Bikie lawa invalid [nation ramifications]

    Not all of them are.
  7. Re: Bikie lawa invalid [nation ramifications]

    I can. From my arms length but extensive experience of student politics (remember, these are the folk who go on to become the real world pollies of 10-20 years later), pollies ain't all that bright and are incapable of seeing the world through anything but a very limited prism. Thiis makes them capable of acts of quite staggering f'wittery at times. Just like everyone else really.
  8. Re: Bikie lawa invalid [nation ramifications]

    Now it's Victoria's turn.
  9. Re: Bikie lawa invalid [nation ramifications]

    Check out all those lawers that represented the states,That we payed for,what a joke now the taxpayer will also pay costs to the plantiff.The powers to be should be shot for trying to bring in a bullshit law and not accepting the initial finding.Funny that the angels are the ones to stand up and protect the community against a bullshit law,bet ya the do gooders and beige cardigan wearers dont appreciate this.
  10. Re: Bikie lawa invalid [nation ramifications]

    Every tyrannical regime in history has at one stage or another in its existence introduced "association laws"
  11. Re: Bikie lawa invalid [nation ramifications]

    Self-destructed to a certain extent after the Libs stole their thunder. (Kinda like the tories and the BNP). They were bankrolled and brought down by the libs, led by Abbott. Not a sparkling day for Australian democracy, but at the time laying the boot in to one nation was the done thing.