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Bikie gangs on Dateline

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cleo, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. It might be of interest:

    As Australia deals with its own bikie problem, what lessons can be learned from Canada's experience?

    Find out more this week on Dateline, Sunday 8:30pm on SBS ONE.


    So many crims in the biker world... :twisted:
  2. sorry cleo,
    but i think we are all bored with this gang BS now.
    I know I am
  3. Well, I once 'borrowed' a Mars Bar and bouncy ball from Foseys in Frankghanistan when I was little. And now I ride a modabike!

    Geeze!!, where too next?
    hardened crim or what???

  4. I am too...

    I am an information disseminator, that's all... :wink:
  5. Thanks, have passed it onto a few other Forums and will watch something I normally don't...wating for MotoGP to start :cool:
  6. Saw it on Foxtel,what happens in OZ is nothing compared to Canada,way way more killings in Canada including prominent Journalists,family members,really stupid stuff and obviously organised crime in a big way.
  7. speak for yourself bub.

    this should be very interesting, thks
  8. Well of course, Canada has a multimillion dope industry (BC bud) selling into the US, so any kind of organised crime there tends to get supercharged compared to here.

    IMO what needs to b done (and I know it's been said here before) is to properly enforce the laws we already have around drugs, theft and other forms of crime, not create special laws in relation to who does the crime...
  9. +40000000000000