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Bikie gang wars just warming up!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by V2, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Saw this in the paper this morning. Does not sound good at all!

    Hells Angels told to Shoot on sight

  2. better tell that sook from ballarat to watch out at the coffee shop...
  3. Looks like Harley sales are gonna suffer!
  4. omg its terrrizm time again!

    they should make a new law against this kinda stuff
  5. how will they know who to shoot if no one wears a patch in a pack of 150 while passing you dangerously blowing your skirt around...??
  6. Wish the Hell's Angels leader would tell his boys to shoot state politicians on sight.
  7. What is sad is that my earliest memory of a "bikie gang" was when I was a kid (maybe 10 yr old), driving home with mum in the middle of nowhere at night and she gets a flat tire. The jack was broken, then about 4 "bikies" come along, stop and see the trouble we were in. Three of them lifted the back of the HT Holden by hand (not light) while another changed the tire. Said see you later and they were gone again. Probably weren't even a gang, but I remembered the Harley sounds and big tough guys scaring the crap out of me when they pulled up.

    Never judged a book by its cover since.
  8. I had a pretty cool experience when i was little weedy 6yo, a big group of them rolled into a caravan park and i was scared shitless (noise, big bikes, scary black clothes) same reason people are intimidated i suppose. Anyway one guy saw i was distressed, came over and picked me up sat me on his bike showed ne controls ect. and took me for a lap around the park with dads permission ofcorse. :p
    I suppose my point is i find it hard to belive in 15 years every single OMC member has turned into a ruthless, drug dealing murderer, who kills people for looking at them sideways, i just won't buy it.
  9. Fixed.
  10. Just state would make me pretty happy.
  11. Quick, we need the 'dont shoot anyone on sight' laws created!!! We want action!!! Wont somebody think of the children????
  12. It'd be a good start… but we'd still have Conroy to deal with at a MINIMUM.
  13. Really fixed.
  14. He can be a mission for a prospect.
  15. thats just reckless law making now.... there should be a law against reckless law making

  16. I think we need a royal comission into this, at the very least a summit in hawaii for all motorcycle owners