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Bikie gang (Bandidos) kidnap link claimed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,16257640-2,00.html

    A CHILD was abducted after his parents were held captive for two days in a dispute over drug money owed to the Bandidos bikie gang, a Sydney court heard today.
    More details of the family's alleged ordeal emerged as three people appeared in court for the first time.

    A woman charged over the kidnapping of the 15-month-old boy was granted bail, but two men remain in custody after appearing at Parramatta Bail Court.

    The court heard the youngster was abducted at the end of a gunpoint nightmare for his parents at their Blakehurst home.

    Patricia Andria Paredes, 21, faced court charged with taking or detaining a person with intent to obtain advantage, taking or detaining a child with intent to remove it from parental control, and abandoning or exposing a child under seven years, causing danger or serious injury.

    She was arrested yesterday after she allegedly dumped the young boy at a St Peters fast-food restaurant.

    Her two co-accused, Roger Hanna, 26, and Ali Issa, 22, were today refused bail in the same court.

    The boy's parents were allegedly held captive at gunpoint for two days after Mr Hanna and Mr Issa entered their home on Thursday.

    The court was told the boy's father – who police allege is involved in the supply of cannabis and the street drug "ice" – was beaten and stabbed in the arm during the ordeal, while Mr Issa allegedly twice sexually assaulted the boy's mother.

    Yesterday morning Mr Hanna took the couple's young son to a house in Roselands, where he handed him over to Ms Paredes, the court heard.

    Fearing he would be charged with kidnapping, Mr Hanna told Ms Paredes to take the baby back to his parents' home, it was alleged.

    But she panicked when she saw police outside the Blakehurst home and left the child at St Peters, the court was told.

    Opposing bail for Ms Paredes, police prosecutor David O'Brien said the child had been put at substantial risk by strangers and traffic in the busy area.

    But defence lawyer Peter Krisenthal said she had no involvement in the alleged incident at Blakehurst and was only trying to take the boy home.

    "She did not participate in the detention of this child, she was returning the child," he said.

    Registrar Barbara Baker released Ms Paredes on bail but ordered that she report to police daily and have no contact with her co-accused.

    Mr Hanna is facing six charges, including taking or detaining a person in company with intent to obtain advantage, maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent and assault in company with others occasioning actual bodily harm.

    Mr Issa faces the same charges and is also accused of aggravated sexual assault.

    The pair were remanded in custody to face Sutherland Local Court tomorrow, while Ms Paredes will face the same court on August 23.
  2. Whether I can or can't ride, this sort of post caused so much trouble last time...........
  3. They'll come out of the woodwork soon!!!
    I'm standing by with bowls of hot popcorn.
  4. I think it was groberts.
  5. Shady drug dealers, eh? Poor kid getting caught in the firing line. That's where we need zero-tolerance... not fcuking 3km/h over. :p
  6. Glad no-one started bagging them out :)

    Seems it had nothing to do with the Bandidos.


    Two men charged over the abduction of a 15-month-old baby boy were not members of the Bandidos bikie gang, a court heard today.

    Police yesterday linked the kidnapping of a Sydney toddler to a dispute over drug money owed to the Bandidos.

    The child's father was allegedly stabbed and his mother sexually assaulted during a three-day ordeal.

    Solicitor Ross Hill - who acts for one of the accused men - today rejected police claims made in a bail hearing in Parramatta Local Court on Sunday.

    Mr Hill said his client, Ali Issa, and a co-accused, Roger Hanna, were not members of the club nor associates of Bandidos gang members.

    Mr Hill was speaking outside Sydney's Sutherland Local Court today after Issa, 22, of Marrickville and Hanna, 26, of Roselands were formally refused bail.

    The men are charged, along with Patricia Andria Paredes, 21, of Roselands over the abduction of the boy.

    The names of the boy and his parents cannot be revealed for legal reasons.

    Issa and Hanna were charged with taking or detaining a person with intent to obtain advantage.

    Issa was also charged with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm and two counts of aggravated sexual assault upon the boy's mother at the family's Blakehurst home.

    Police alleged the two men held the boy's parents captive, during which time the boy's father was locked in a room and stabbed with a knife while his mother was allegedly raped twice.

    All three were arrested by Hurstville police on Saturday when the boy's father raised the alarm after escaping from the home. Two other men, who were arrested, were released without charge.

    Paredes was granted bail on Sunday after appearing before Parramatta Local Court on three charges relating to the kidnapping and abandonment of the child at a Hungry Jack's restaurant at St Peters on Saturday.

    After both men were refused bail today, Issa was remanded to appear before Central Local Court on September 20, while Hanna will face Central Local Court on August 23, where he is expected to make an application for bail.

    Paredes has also been ordered to reappear before Central Local Court on August 23.
  7. hmmm
    Ali Issa
    Roger Hannah
    Fine Australian Arabic names there.
    I'm usually very tolerant of all but the number of times I read about this particular minority doing stupid crimes is getting unsettling.
  8. Then let's leave it at that; if there's no bike connection, it's not our concern, beyond our feelings for the victims and our annoyance at urban crime.