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SA 'Bikie' bill passed in parliament yesterday

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, May 8, 2008.

  1. hi all,
    just letting you know the 'serious & organised crime bill', known as the outlaw bikie bill, passed through SA parliament last night.
    now we just have to wait for the govenor to give assent, should take 1-2 months.

    i'll let you know whether I start getting hassled by cops!

  2. Is it just me or is Mike Rann sounding more and more like a talkback radio caller as time goes on?
  3. I think poor little Mike was frightened by a motorcycle when he was a small child.
  4. Why aren't you already getting hassled by the cops?

    Chicks in leather are hot.

    Are all the male SA cops gay or something?
  5. If I get hassled on my Postie bike, the threat is real and it's too late. :p
  6. Instead of people like Sandra Kanck going on about why its going to impose on our everyday lives in god knows what way, Why don't we relaise that the laws are designed to get the bad people. The ones who for years have been getting away with all types of crimes due to whatever loophole. This is designed to stop that happening.

    Will these laws affect everyday motorcycle riders? No.

    It may be wrong, as the law should always be the law. But this has been passed and the police/courts will only apply these laws in the case of outlaw bikies.

    I can't see them sending my wife to jail because she sees her boss more than 6 times a year and he is the member of a motorcycle gang (the Ulysses Club) hehe.
  7. It's as valid a statement today as it was back then.
  8. Care to offer a warranty on that statement? Not just some "if you've done nothing wrong you've nothing to fear" platitude, but some rock solid, black-letter law that will prevent this legislation being used against anyone the government or the "authorities" in general, happen to dislike or find embarrassing.


    Thought not.

    This isn't just about bikies, as you would realise if you read the previous post in any degree of detail.

    For a speech like that, I'd vote for Sandra Kanck any day of the week.
  9. yes, it will.
    it's already started.

    From the Hansard:

    they're already starting to harrass people just cause they ride harleys.

    and if you think this law will stop people from criminal activity you're a fool.

    I HATE organised crime. I want it wiped out. but this law is not the way to do it. You say there is a loophole that means they don't get caught? how about catching them in the act of a crime & prosecuting them for it? or arresting them if they have evidence they are committing a crime? arresting people with no evidence they have committed a crime is ridiculous.
  10. actually, there's a section that allows association through work cause you can't do anything to avoid it.


    it's an offence to associate with your cousin if they're a member
    or your neighbour
    or your friends.

    and it's not just CURRENT members.

    if you associate with EX MEMBERS you're also guilty.

    how many motorcycle clubs out there have ex members of hells angels or gypsy jokers in them? more than you realise.
  11. there is probably a couple NR's that you south australians should cease talking to.... :rofl:
  12. surely not. :eek: :p
  13. so if a member of a declared organisation posts to this forum are we all considered to be 'associating' with them and therefore breaking this new law?
  14. i guess so.
    i'm not sure if i am aware of any, but i reckon you are all criminals.
  15. I'm only part-time, though.
  16. only if you are a resident of South Australia.
    its South Aussie law & doesn't apply to other states.
  17. When I had a scan of the bill, I felt it could also be applied to political parties.
    Now there is away to get rid of the opposition!
  18. so should all members who are affiliated with named clubs be banned then? :rofl:
  19. First thing I got to say about what Sandra ... said ,The whafies were SACKED they didn't strike ,that f.cken shits me when they write that it was a strike.
    Ok got that of my chest. :LOL:

    Shit ah ,you guys down in SA have some freaken twisted laws :shock: .

    The {insert biker gangs name here} should make there own political party ,like any tom. dick and harry can ,remember Mario fenicks ,{WHATS DOING PARTY}yes it was on the ballot sheet at the polling both.

    They can't stop a party from being registered ,if they say a party is a "gang" ,well the labour and liberal parties ,with there LEADERS are also need to be outlawed ,Pauline Hanson EX con ,registered a political party and its members walked around in public with the organization's logo on it.
    If they want to talk about the bikes "orangisations" and its members have criminal historys ,just check out the histories of the politicians ,white collar crime to child abuse ,one Polly is about to be sentence from the Labour party here is Sydney.
    Is the any worse crime that child abuse? NO.

    Only difference to a political party member and a bike member is one drives a car and one rides a motorcycle ,which both a legal and registered mods of transport. But one wears a patch with the "gang logo" opps I ment the new "political party logo" on a leather or demin jacket ,and the member of a political party wears their logo on a T shirt ,like you see at the polling station.
    Both have criminals in the organization and will have members go to jail in the future.
    The Labour party better watch out as there making laws they apply to the organisation they are members of.

    Just the way I see it :wink: