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Bikestands, what do you use?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gixxerk7, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. I'm currently in the market for some top quality bike stands, from what i've heard the best are the "pitbull" stands which are made in America unfortunately, and shipping to Australia is rediculously expensive.

    I've seen quite a fair few bikestands on ebay, but im not too familiar with the brands.

    This deal on ebay seems like a pretty good offer but i wonder how well they hold up.


    So what type/brand of bikestand do you guys use? :beer:

  2. this is the one i have
    only problem with it is the rubber on the spool hooks has come off
    *side note* the rubber knobs on the back have come off too, but that allows me to slide the bike forward/backward if needed
  3. I have an Anderson rear stand. Came with my VFR 400, so single side swing arm and seems to be of really good quality build. I have had it for 4 years now, not sure how long the previous owner had it for, but it hasn't shown any signs of rust which has been quiet a surprise. Can't tell you on price since I didn't buy it, but I would assume you get what you pay for.

    I also have a Kaneg front stand (Ebay link) in black. It doesn't have the same quality build as Anderson, but it does it's job. Have had it for 3 years and it has shown a bit of rust already. For the price it isn't too bad of a buy and it does the job just fine.
  4. Kaneg, and if you are a member of Netrider you get 15% off RRP, had a set for 4yrs no drama's.
  5. After looking into stands, it seems that the Bursig stands are the best. Currently seeing how the old man will go fabricating one for me hahaha
  6. i got kanegs only cauz they came with my tracky cant say im a fan at all
    go for a one piece stand and you will be good.
    anderson are the go .
  7. Anderson FTW
  8. I've got an Rjays generic. The screw on one side doesn't work and it's a PITA to get it balanced. Would not recommend.

    Even worse was trying to get those dodgies at MCAS to recognise the POS. They accused me of shredding the thread on it, though it was like that from day one. Would not recommend them either.
  9. I've got the Aldi one. Only had it since Aug, but all good so far.
  10. car jack that came with my rav4

    Does the trick if you're a poor student like myself.
  11. I've got Kaneg rear stand, really good quality.
  12. carjack o_O that doesn't sound safe lol

    i've got an anderson rear stand its ok. i can't the bike on it myself though maybe its just me, always gotta ask the missus for help lol
  13. Had Andersons...loved them! Easy to use (I could get the bike on them myself) and no issues :)
  14. I've had a Kaneg rear stand for years and it's been great.
  15. I've also had Kaneg front and rear for years, never had a problem with either bike
  16. Thanks for the suggestions guys, looks like i'll be locking in the Kaneg. :beer:
  17. I've got an Anderson rear stand. Had it since I bought current bike in 06 and have not had an issue with it. Still looks and works like new despite (at least) weekly use. :)