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Bikesales vs Bikepoint (for sellers)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Tex, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone have any strong opinions (preferably based upn experience) about which of these two is the better when selling a bike?


  2. I think bikesales is better. I've sold a bike at bikesales and a few cars at carsales. As a buyer, or at least a worker who spends all day searching for bikes for sale, bike sales is easily the nicest site to use, but the bikes there tend to cost a bit more on average.

    I belive that bikepoint and bikesales are owner by the same group now. The real competition is between trading post and bikesales (in victoria atleast). And bikesales is your bets bet as a seller, not always as a buyer IMHO.
  3. Bikesales is generally better, however it is often painfully slow - its biggest downfall imo. But the interface is certainly better.
  4. Bkesales - so long as they still have the "run it till you sell it" - buyers will be looking at both though.
  5. +1 Bought both my bikes on bikesales
  6. Just use both, worked for me ! :)
  7. :eek:hno: That's creepy. I was just talking to a salesman at work today about this exact subject. I'll be reading the replies with interest. :)
  8. Bikesales. Got mine from there.

    Bikepoint seems to be more dealer geared - lots more adds from businesses, whereas bikesales seems to be a majority of private sales.
  9. Bikesales is better. I sold my bike in a week on it. I also sold 3 cars on carsales. They do have $30 adds until you sell it no more to pay.
  10. My brother in law works for carsales - bikesales and bikepoint are both part of carsales :grin:
  11. Um...wow...okay, MY brother in law works for Carsales.... :shock: ...weird.

    Maybe that explains why the two of us have never been seen together...
  12. My sister sold her VTR in less than 40 hours on bikepoint... And got a bloody good price too.

    I personally check tradingpost.com.au more often than bike point.
  13. Well, I placed the ad on bikesales & so far have received an email from some guy who claims to be be a 'procurement agent' in the UK. He says he's buying the bike for his client's son in Canada! Yeah, right.

    I also received a text message from Ray Quincey Motorcycles, offering to buy the bike, or sell it for me.

    When I rang they explained that they'd have to look at the bike & make an offer etc. Fair enough. Being a dealer I'd expect a pretty low offer.

    However they also have the other option - a process whereby they sell bikes for third parties. I won't go into how it works now, but has anyone here tried this? How did it go?

    Oh, and has anyone had any success selling bikes to Canadians! :wink:

  14. I have found the Nigerians much more trustworthy :wink:
  15. Arrghh!! Bikesales seems to have succumbed to what I used to complain about on Bikepoint: multiple categories for the same bike depending on what people choose or enter. With LAMS coming in in QLD I wanted to look at a Yamaha XVS 650 for my wife. There were 10 different categories that needed to be waded through one at a time.
  16. If its the same setup as carsales then if you list it on bikesales then its automatically added to bikepoint as well, but not the other way around.
    +1 for bikesales though, sold my bike in about 12 hours!
  17. As a potential buyer, I find Bikesales easier to use & find what I'm looking for.

    Maybe try to get some info on the number of hits each can generate?

  18. Yeh. Massively annoying. 2 Categories for; Gixxer 6 and 750, 4 for Yammy R6 and R1, 2 for CBR1000RR's. Ugh.
  19. Keep in mind that though listed bikes may be pricier, those are also bikes that aint sold yet. The mean sale price would be lower.
  20. Yep!

    So damn stupid. They -REALLY- need to look at streamlining that.