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Featured Bikesales.com.au - “Get Price”

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yardman, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Bikesales is currently my most visited website, but I notice an annoying trend, seems to apply to new bikes, which is “Get Price”

    What is the purpose in not telling me how much of my money they’d like? From my point of view, it makes shopping around much more difficult.

    Anybody have insider knowledge on this practice?
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  2. That feature is for new bikes. If you select get price it will email dealers in your area and they should contact you.
  3. This is often as they are using one single ad for a number of the same model bikes in stock, rather than a lot of separate ads for each one. As specs/options can be different they put in 'get price', or 'POA' on carsales.

    So there is a legit reason for this, but I also get irritated by no prices in anything (real estate - Ray White I'm talking to you :( )
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  4. Nice, so my enquiry will hit many dealers, rather than just one? It makes good sense if I can get a few quotes through one hit.

    My main problem however is that LAMS bikes don’t seem to depreciate too heavily... I'm seeing a lot of 2, 3, 4 year old bikes still being only $700 - $1000 less than a brand new OTR deal.
  5. Which will also benefit you when you come to sell.
  6. I think some sellers on Bike Sales use their 'pay per lead' business model (not sure if this is still the case). Which means when you send an enquiry, the seller is charged a certain amount for the ad. I imagine 'Get price' is a means of encouraging that.
  7. Very true, sadly a positive thought process is not whats at the forefront of my brain when spending money! However, its more than likely I'll drop a huge amount of cash on the shiniest bike in the showroom anyway.

    On a serious note, should i take it as fact that LAMS bike hold money well due to the captive nature or RE before R licensing? I like to haggle anyway...
  8. Always haggle, if buying new from a dealer and they won't move on price, maybe try for a reduction in the cost of any accessories, get them to throw in a set of free gloves, or a couple of free services etc.
    There's not a lot of margin on selling bikes but there's usually a way to sweeten the deal.
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  9. Not looking hard enough! Way less for 2011 -2013 models. What model bikes are you looking at?
  10. Having just gone through this over the last couple months my advice is this.

    Be patient. I know it's hard, very hard.

    As there are plenty of guys like me around who bought a LAMs bike purely for the LAMs period, have a few coins, and don't give a rats about losing a bit of cash in order to upgrade quickly.

    Pick the right time and be ready to pounce when one pops up.

    What sort of bike?
  11. From what I know, this is a practice enforced by bikesales. Dealers aren't allowed to advertise a price until it either becomes a demo or a certain amount of time has passed. The dealers have to pay bikesales per enquiry .... so you can see why this is the way it is.
  12. Most likely a sports bike. Having sat on a few this weekend the best fit was the Honda CBR500, the Ninja felt okay too.

    Looking at the situation realistically, I doubt I'll be buying for at least a couple of months, so time is on my side.