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Bikes you wished you'd kept

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Biggles, May 27, 2011.

  1. I was reminiscing about bikes I had and a the standout for me was the GS1000S.
    In its time it was a Z1 killer that handled & braked brilliantly (i thought so)

    I really wished I'd kept it, I saw one on a USA web site for $12k

  2. Some days i feel generous and caring of the human race and wish id kept my old GS500 because heaven help the poor bastard that owned it after me. Not a bike but i would pay 10x what i sold my old ra28 celica for, to have it back.
  3. Love them ra28s. Got a soft spot for old toyotas, when they still had character. Hence why I've owned my ma61 supra for 15 yrs even though it only sees the road once a fortnight tops.

    On topic, I wish I still had my spada. Loved the thing even though it was an underpowered POS.
  4. I wish I still had my spada too, even though I didn't have much choice in the matter.
  5. I wish I'd kept all my bikes. Particularly the GSXR1100WP I binned.
  6. I regret selling most of my bikes, though at the moment I really regret selling my SXV Motard. I sold it earlier this year when I chucked a hissy fit and sold my Buell, Sachs and the Aprillia to go back to Japanese.

    I miss this thing, it was so fast, so impractical and silly but it was awesome... Here is a shot at the track.

  7. I had a 1974 Kawasaki Z200. Single cylinder and an absolute bucket load of peg scraping fun. I miss her.
  8. I want my Kawasaki back, and goodness knows, even if I have only 10 or 100 bikes in this lifetime, I'll still want them back after I sell them/bin them.

    I think it's fairly normal. Though I'm sure there'll be some on here who are glad their bikes have gone :LOL:
  9. I don't regret selling any of my past bikes. I sold them because I didn't enjoy riding them anymore and needed a change.
  10. I regret not finishing my little z50 and getting it on the road to see what all the fuss was about.
  11. Of all of them I miss my XS-650D most; it wasn't the best bike at anything, but it was better than most all others at everything.

  12. I didn't sell my old Elsie, it was stolen. I suspect bits of it are putting around tracks to this day.
    Wish I still had her...
  13. Think the Op should start a thread " Bike I was so glad to get rid of "
    Miss almost all of them all in a way. Cept a few. Ducati Darmah.
    Mmm missed the most.
    77 Yamaha YZ125 C. The first ever mono rear shock dirty. It kicked my ass a few times, well a lot. But it was so far ahead in it's time. Not faster. Just ahead of it's time.
    1984 Ducati Pantah SL. I was living in Austria. It just made a lot of sense there. Might have just been a time and place, but god I miss that bike.

    2002 Ducati ST4s. A Ducati that did everything on the road. And never one moments grief from it. Perfect.
  14. I have a slightly different slant to this one.
    Bikes I should have bought.

    Its 1977,im looking to sell my Ducati 860 gt and buy a Supersport.
    I go and look at a private sale,a 1974 750SS.
    Its parked outside and in very ordinary condition,ratty in fact.
    The asking price is $2,000,which I thought was a bit much.

    The next day I visit the local Ducati shop and see a brand new 900SS,all shiny and beckoning.I buy it for $ 3150 and still own it.

    Yes, if I had bought that ratty "green frame" I would own a $170,000 bike.

    SHIT,I wish I had bought that bike.
  15. Still miss my Kwacker 500 cripple, sold it in 1974.

    One day I'll restore one.
  16. wish I'd kept em all, but top of the list would be my 250 badged RD350
  17. None. Not one. No sellers remorse here. By the time I'm finished with them, they're rooted. Done a million kms, been dropped at least once, and requiring far more money for a rebuild than they would ever be worth. They've usually served their purpose, and it's time to move on.
  18. 2 Honda four4's, circa 1974.......now worth

    ....circa $11,500 each.

    But I wish i had of kept them because of how much fun the little package provided time and time again. If i knew then what i know now i would never sell them ever. Some bikes just have too much personality to be just a bike.
  19. A Honda "bid red" trike only because all the safetycrats would have a cardiac about those things but they were FUN.
  20. See, that's where you and I are different. A bike is a bike. A tool. Two wheels, an engine, a seat and some handlebars. I reckon you're just getting old. And looking back with rose coloured glasses. Last time I went back to NZ, my cousin had just aquired an XS 650. He'd modified the suspension, better brakes, some tastefull sounding pipes etc etc. Convinced me to take it for a spin. Holy cr@p. What a piece of shit. Can you say vibrations? Or frame flex? @rsehole tightening stuff indeed. Yep, they may be great for sitting down, and looking at to bring back memories, but that's about it. For me anyway. B#gger the investment value.