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Bikes you never should've sold...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Isn't there always at least one bike you owned and never should've sold?
    Or should've saved from the clutches of the insurance mob after a prang and subsequent write-off?

    I'd give half-an-arm for the little Honda Dax 50cc which was one of my first bikes...(if someone knows of a half-rusted one slowly dying away in some garage, gimme a holler).
    Then the Munch, which I should've saved from the wreckers after dumping it only 300km into its life :cry: :cry: (apart from being worth a fortune today, it was the ultimate dreambike then...)

    The 2. Honda 754 (K2)....shoulda kept that. The first (K1) was crap and I'm still glad a cage got me from behind and flattened the thing (I was fine).
    Same with the 350/4, sweet little thing it was....and went forever.

    The SR500, sold to a touring German couple who did another 25.000km around AUS on it...
    Definitely the R65 monolever, one of not many imported and an absolutely sweet bike to ride....one of those that BMW built their reputation on, it'd still be a nice piece of 2-wheeled fun in the garage today...still good enough to scare the crap outta some sporties up Reefton I reckon ..... the subsequent R100RT was a piece of shite.

    Of course my very first "real" bike (after the Solex), the old Kreidler with it's home-dengled Maico 6-speed box...I'd LOVE to see that back in the garage.

    Never should've sold the XT600 either, with it's 22liter Ascerbis tank it was great fun around a dirt-lap of Tassie...and still ran 160kmh fully packed with camping gear...on knobbies...on the road. Good bike, reliable and oh so simple to work on.

    There are a few more....
    What's yours?
  2. Hey glitch, you owned a 350/4 too, eh?
    Was my first bike.
    Don't regret any of my sales except the last one. The CBX550 made way for my VFR. When I bought it in 1991 it was a 1982 model with 8000k's on th clock and was mint.
    I put a lot of miles on it then sold it to upgrade.
    I know the lady I sold it too though, and she has promised me first offer on it if ever she decides to sell it, so one day I'll get it back. It's being VERY well looked after where it is now.

  3. :LOL: I can tell you where there is 3 ( three ) of them in perfect working condition too !!

    In my Bro's garage up in orange NSW , and when i get up there to vist we go out and have a play on em in the pine forrest ! much more fun than the other dirt squirters sitting next to em !! Two red ones and one blue one ! Both my daughters love jumping on and going for a blap around the padock.... cant beat that centrifical clutch for a learner Oh not to mention the 3 whole gears :LOL:

    Oh and back on subject .... my old CB900F2B ! did a lot of miles/K's on that thing, still got a mounted poster print off it sitting in my wardrobe at home :cry:
  4. My 1984 SR250 - I should have burned it, not sold it. :evil:

    what a POS
  5. My XR 75 K4.
    Sold it at a weak moment and used the money to buy Radiology books.
  6. The 354...smooth as silk, a real little revver (for its time), half-decent brakes, a bit too short/ small for me but fun nevertheless :)
    Only ever rode a CBX550 as a loaner...this one was so clapped out and gutless it wasn't funny.
  7. I owned 3 of them!!!
  8. shouldn't have sold my thundercat, i missed that bugger immediately despite having no licence at the time and i've only just found a worthy replacement that fit my budget. looks, comfort, guts, great handling. i guess the ZX7 looks a little better and handles like its on rails, but its only margianally comfier than stuffing youself into a 1m sq box :LOL: and the BS i've gone through trying to find a worthy replacement within my budget :roll: this bike stays till i'm rich :LOL:
  9. Bastard...don't tell me, SELL me !!!!Only ONE of them, pref a red one
    [on knees now, hands clasped] howwwwwlll
    bottom left
    Seriously, I'd sink a pile of dosh into one and bring it back to better-than-new.
    It's a cult-scene in Germany by now, they even race them with 110cc 3-valve heads and super chargers.
  10. 3 bikes I wish I'd kept.

    Suzuki GT125 - My first real bike *sigh*
    Suzuki GS550 Katana - It smoked, was slow, didn't stop & handled like a pig, but it looked great. My most favourite moment was stuffing it up the inside of my mate on his CBR600. He casually looked over at me and as-easy-as-you-like, wound on his throttle and disappeared off into the distance. For one glorious second I really believed that my bike could be faster than his...
    CBR400 Tri-arm - Gorgeous.
  11. Or until you've butchered the life and soul ou tof it.
  12. The DS7 Yamaha that my wife had. We swapped it for an old MkVII Jaguar (a good swap but I wish we still had the Yam). It was identical to the one on the floor at Mars Leathers.

    My CB450 Honda that I sold back to my brother-in-law. I'm still not sure exactly why I did that. It was one of the original CB450's - what the Poms called the Black Bombers...


  13. Guess you're going to have it for a LOOOOOOOONG while, then, eh??
  14. I think of my Matchless 500 twin.

    Great bike to ride and handle.

    And of course what I did with it and where i went with it aand with whom.

  15. Knowing what I know now I shouldn't have sold my wrecked CBR250R I could have fixed her up and in the process learnt a whole lot and had a bike for the 2.5 year bikeless period before getting my current bike.
  16. dont rub it in :cry:


    too true tho, got a wee one on the way now so this'll be it for some time.
  17. If you ever get bored of the ZXR...
  18. ...and the ones i never should've plonked my arse on...
    The GT380 and later 550...shitboxes both of 'em...but boy did they go in a straight line :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    The first Yammie RD50 with the Aeroplane-jelly frame, real 110kmh downhill laying flat over the tank and packrack...and needing both lanes plus emergency lane to keep it sorta pointed ahead.
    A friends 50cc Maico (the "rocket" of the shotglass-class) with it's loose seat...every bend was high-adventure.
    Pillioning on another mate's 50cc Vespa and the bastard wheelie-ing it off the lights while I was oogling 2 nice sets of legs/ bums....dropped me on my arse in the middle of the busiest intersection in town.

    :p :p
  19. Oh memories

    1. My first bike, RD-250D, 1974. Stripped and turned into a mean 350 cafe racer, went like the clappers, young mate badgered me into selling it to him I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I did, three weeks later he crashed it big time and put himself in hospital for 6 months. Two years later he died of bone cancer at 24 years old. I reckon he got it through the pin through his shin for 4 months, sad.
    2. Yamaha XS-650D, 1977. Made up a quarter inch steel fork brace for under the front guard, fixed the handling. Vibrated like stink, but toured and did everything I wanted, never broke down and was like a faithful old dog.
    3. Honda CB-750F1, 1980. Bought second hand, had a Gold Wing front end, Boranni wire wheel and double discs, handled like no F1 ever built. Motor needed rebuild eventually and I didn't have the money, so I sold it to a guy for the price of the bits, he rebuilt it and sold it for more that I had paid for it originally.
  20. I gave my old bike away...

    After I smashed my Suzuki GSX250 I just wanted out of my garage so I gave it to a wrecker... lol I'm good mates with him now.. he sold the bits of it and still has the bent frame and rear wheel!!!

    Looking at it now and the pictures... It was such an easy fix!!