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Bikes you never should've bought...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Hey, it goes with the "never should've sold..." thread.

    Step right up. Unburden yourselves.

  2. 85 GSXR750 - not really a bad bike, everything works well and its not in bad nic, i just dont like it :LOL: bought it in a big hurry cos i needed something to ride. somebody come and get this POS the hell outta my garage :p

    91 ZXR750 - love the model, dont like this bike. i'm a stupid trusting prick and bought it sight unseen based on a glowing description :roll: its OK, but not what i wanted, wayyyyy too much work needed to get it up to scratch. i guess if anything it made me buy the 99 ZX7 which was the best thing i ever did :D
  3. CB400N *shudder*.

    Not that I didn't enjoy it (despite it's overwhelming blandness), I just would have been far better off with something else.
  4. Suzuki GSX550EFE, most diabolical bike I have ever ridden.
  5. Kawasaki

    When I sold the faithful XS-650D I thought I'd go modern and buy one of them new-fangled four cylinder thingos
    So I bought a Kawasaki 500 four, bright red, and I was so proud!
    Should have known it would end in tears.
    On the way home the first day with it on a country road, I was right behind an empty fuel tanker that broke a spring on a narrow bridge, jack-knifed and rolled straight in front of me. I was travelling far enough back to brake and get around!
    5 Weeks later, got rid of the Japanese rim protectors and bought a shiny new set of Pirelli Phantoms.
    2 weeks later, riding into Singleton on a dead straight road at exactly 100kph, hit a set of ripples, had a massive tankslapper and got hurled over the bars and up the road. Bike smashed, ribs sore from the small camera I was carrying in my jacket pocket. Spent the night in hospital, sold the wreck back to the dealer I'd bought it off and bought the Honda 750F1.
    Dealer put a new set of Bridgestones on the bike, repaired it and sold it to a local, bike NEVER did that again, must've not liked the Phantoms.
  6. Easy. 1975 Honda MT125 Elsinore Trail.
    Supposeldy a detuned version of the CR125 MotoX engine. It was detuned all right, TOTALLY detuned. It didn't have enough power to pull the skin off a rice pudding, the trail bike tyres had all the adhesion of a flea in a typhoon and the brakes were non-existant.
    Bought it brand new (how stupid was I?) and kept it for two months then traded it in on a new RD250 Yamaha.
  7. Both susie's

    an SP370 single cyl thumper , damn near shattered my right fibula after a massive back fire and my foot slipping off the kick start !!

    and a GS750 more time fixing than rideing !!
  8. NSR150Sp - Biggest mistake of a bike....nothing but mechanical problems with it, also not a good learners bike......hind sight is a wonderful thing :D
  9. In 1991 I brought myself a Suzuki RGV 250 2-stroke.

    Now I'm addicted to the smell and powerband of a 2 stroke and riding an Aprilia RS250 2-stroke.

  10. So now you have the same engine in a better frame!!!
  11. I can top all of them. I once owned a.......

    MZ 350

    With out a doubt the biggest pile of shite I've had the misfortune to own. It still makes me cringe now thinking of it with is yellow tank and eastern european looks. I think I must have been on a whopper of a drinking binge to have bought the thing.

    PS for those to young to know what an MZ 350 is, go and do a google search for pictures.
  12. shudder, I remember the MZ! Possessor of the biggest cooling fins and the most ridiculous exhaust system ever seen!
  13. BMW R1100R

    Turned me into a slow, opinionated bore....

    But I got better :D
  14. *bites tongue furiously*
  15. I don't think I've ever owned a 'bad' bike, more by luck then judgment or perhaps I just love bikes :)

    Actually come to think of it, my first bike was a piece of SHAT, everyone steer well clear of PUCH Maxi's (scary stuff, ask your dad).
  16. I cant beleive i'm going to admit to this but when i first moved to Melbourne i bought a small bike untill i got use to where i was going and wish i had never bought it .It was an ....

    ACROSS ](*,)
  17. Brrrr... what a horror!
    Hired one in Turkey once. Tank-slappers at 25kph!
    While riding it I was chased by an irate sheepdog which was bigger and faster than the bike!
  18. hehe...even one of the pics on bikepics has a guy fixing it....
  19. Whoever had one of those has ALWAYS been fixing it, truth :)
    Mate at uni had the 250, longest exhaust-in-the-world...then g/f/ later wife still bears some scorch-marks of that thing on her calf :oops: :oops:
    Then again, all that was needed to fix 'em by the side of the road was a handfull (literally) of tools and a wooden block/ half-brick / decent rock or hammer.
    Wish access was as easy on today's bikes :roll: :roll:
  20. Another one I never should've bought was the Norton Commando.
    Rushing it just before a summer-holiday in the Alps, it was a biatch to keep going, just the stereotypal pommie-junk of it's time, how the hell we made it into Switzerland I still don't know.
    Dumping it in a lake near St. Moritz could've waited another 2 weeks though....ruined the holidays.
    3000km of ownership with 50.000km worth of grease-monkeying :LOL: :LOL:
    On a good day (when nothing went wrong) it was a nice ride though...