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Bikes with very low KMs after a couple years - Suspicious? Or just slack riders?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by darkangael, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. In shopping for a first bike I've seen a number of bikes which are about 5 years old with only 4-8,000 kms on them. They all claim "never rode it". This in Canberra. Is there anything to beware of when considering buying one of these? At first look it'd seem a pretty good deal on a near new bike, but things aren't always as they seem.

    I'm going to check one out on Friday, it's a 2005 ZZ-R250. If there's anything in particular to look out for on this particular model that also would be appreciated.

    I'm bringing a friend who's owned bikes before with me and have gone through the 2nd hand bike guides on this site already. Just wondering if there's anything specifically common that could go wrong on a bike that was hardly ridden.

  2. Battery, old/bad fuel from sitting a while. If it's fairly old the tyres may need to be replaced as the rubber can deteriorate from age and become brittle and hard
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    Possible repaired write offs too, look behind the plastics if possible for any plastic weld work on the fairings. Check the exhaust cans and the swingarm + forks for any signs of gravel or chain causing damage etc. Check the bar ends - often they forget to replace these.

    Theres nothing wrong with a repaired write off, as long as it hasnt been done on the dodgy side.

    Otherwise, 5yo ZZR250 should be fine. Mine was 8yo and a repaired write off (some things good some things dodgy), and was mostly good. The only main thing that wasnt was a radiator leak and the dealer fixed that at their expense.

  4. I know a bloke who's got a 1962 Jaguar E Type with only 4,000 miles on it

    I know dozens of blokes who've got guitars in their cupboards but haven't touched them since they bought them.

    A low mileage bike in Canberra is no big deal; most of the years the weather isn't conducive to riding :LOL:.
  5. ^^ Pretty much what Hornet said. Some people buy a bike and just don't use it much or just ride it on weekends. Just do some checks as per above and find out anything about the history of the bike through teh owner or RTA (or whatever applicable motorbody in your state).
    Good luck and if in doubt, ask someone who knows bikes to come with you. 4 eyes are better than 2.

  6. Seems a lot of people discover riding isn't for them fairly early and sell off their bikes. Probably worth getting a mechanic to look it over?
  7. Theres a big Kwaka at the end of my street in the carport, never gets ridden, it just sits there,
    I asked him about it, He says, I must take it out for a ride one day,
    He still hasnt, Theres quite a few around like that,
  8. Thanks guys, all sounds like good info. I found this one on the work classifieds so hopefully nobody would be dumb enough to try and flog off a writeoff at work.

    Going to try and resist the temptation to just buy it if it looks good and have it inspected before buying. Wouldn't be able to ride it until after next weekend anyway seeing as I'm doing the Learner's course then.
  9. It should be pretty obvious it the kms are real, under 10k kms it should be immaculate if at all cared for. Hell I have a 1 year old scoot that I've not washed once, has about 8k on it and it still looks new.
  10. yeah I have my wife's CBF250 that we got just over two years ago, has just over 1000km on it.

    So they do exist....

  11. If you were in NSW, as of October 2009, a write off can't be repaired and sold anyway..... dunno about the ACT, though, in some legislation they are ahead of the other states, in others, not..
  12. My two y/o CBR600 has about 5500k's on the clock, I don't get out on it much at all but when I do I tend to do a couple of hundred k's
  13. in Vic we can do an on line check. suspect you have the same set up.
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  15. Agree with all comments above. I would mostly think the low kms are due to a lack of riding as not all people ride regularly and rack up kms on their bikes so it's natural to have low kms. No harm in getting a mate that knows about bikes or a getting a mechanic to look over it.
    If it's an import bike I'd be weary as import cars are known for having their odometer wound back and wouldn't be surprised if they did this on import bikes too.
  16. Yeah I'm fairly confident that the Kms are legit now (thanks guys :) ). Are there any other things than fuel, oil and battery which might be worth checking out on a bike that has legitimately just been sitting there? Moving parts generally prefer to be moved on occasion after all ;)
  17. check for rust around nuts bolts etc ( rare to get rust in Canberra ) but something that has sat legitimately for a while can develop small amounts of surface corrosion or discolouration etc
  18. Make sure you check the tyre pressures before riding it anywhere, you'll also be wanting to replace the brake fluid as soon as possible.

    Otherwise as long as it's been stored undercover it should be okay, if it's spent time outside then check closely for signs of corrosion.
  19. This is incorrect.

    It's from 31 January 2011.


    ...still, what a load of ****ing BS. I expect insurance premiums will rise as insurers cannot recoup even 20% of the value now on a stat write off bike. But hey, perhaps track racing will become cheaper to get into :D