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Bikes with trailers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nearlyempty, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. What the feck is that all about?

    I've just come back from Tassie, however unfortunately our timing couldn't have been worse as our trip also coincided with a Ulysses outing.

    There was even one trailer being towed by a DUCATI!!!

    Trapped amongst a throng of flasks and cheese sandwiches, one old geezer pointed at my headlight and said, "You've got water in there" .... and then just stood staring at me for a minute whilst I looked back blankly at him trying to think of what one should say to an opener like that ... "shouldn't have that", he then said and looked at me as though he wanted me to either repair it on the spot or else burst into tears as my bike was a wreck. I was, I admit lost for words and just edged slowly away.

    Offended? Sorry, but bikes with trailers? Come on, you're having a laugh!

    And Tassie? Loved it, absolutely fallen head over heels in love with the place.
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  2. You need to get out more.

    Trailers hooked up to bikes isn't totally uncommon. Bloody handy for camping. I have a friend that even built one out of an old fridge.
  3. Should've told him the water's been in your light ever since an especially tricky water crossing in Costa Rica during your circumnavigation of the globe back in '97. You can't bring yourself to get rid of it because when you try, you start getting flashbacks of leeches and piranha...

    I guess if you're the sort of person who likes driving to Queensland with a 30-foot Franklin behind your Fairmont, the thought of hitching a trailer to your aged R90S seems quite attractive.

    The Ducati, though. That's just wrong...
  4. I find a tent and a sleeping bag come in handy for camping, but never camped in a trailer before.
    If you need that much gear go stay in a hotel or take the car, I mean have you seen the storage on a Goldwing or BMW LT? Why on earth would you want a trailer?

    I've always put the one or two I've seen before to rider senility, or dodgy contact lenses. To see a ferry full of them is an absolute travesty! It defies all logic.

    Ferraris and caravans springs to mind...

    It's wrong, just plain wrong!
  5. this is going to sound very..."Trailerist" of me.
    But a bike is for having fun on. Can't imagine having a lot of fun while towing a trailer.
    If you have that much crap that you can't fit it in your gear sack/panniers then for crying out loud...TAKE A CAR
  6. Oldies just have this compulsion to tow something!! "Can't tow a caravan! well lets just tow something else!!!" (Sorry to all the oldies who don't tow random stuff, this post is aimed squarely at the "Grey Nomads" :p )

    We get the terrorists up here every tourist season. Bloody southerners! :p
  7. Actually a well set up trailer handles very similar to the way a bike with a pillion does. It takes a bit longer to stop and it's a bit slower to accellerate and you don't want to lean quite as far because there is a bit more weight over your rear wheel.

    As for water the water in your light... have you fixed it yet? *grins*
  8. The water stays where God intended it to go.
    Let Allah decide...

    Feck, now I'm onto religion.
  9. Knew a couple once who used to tow a dog-trailer (the kind that Fido travels in) behind their Electraglide. Couldn't leave poochy behind when they went away for the weekend, could they?
    Not a bad solution for their situation.
  10. Maybe they don't want to ride a Goldwing or a BMW LT? I wouldn't really want to if I could ride a Ducati instead.

    A trailer means that you don't have to put a tank bag, panniers and a ventura rack and bag just to carry enough gear for a week for a couple of people. And a bike with a trailer, you can unhook the trailer when you are home and you've got a normal bike back again.

    As for the 'tent and sleeping bag' comment,instead try
    4 person tent (minimum for 2 people and gear)
    2 sleeping bags
    2 inflatable mats
    2 chairs
    gas light
    gas stove
    frying pan and pots and billy
    food and drink

    Now I admit one can tie all that to a bike (with a lot of effort), but it's going to make the bike overloaded by the time you add the rider and pillion for most normal bikes and it certainly won't handle as well as a bike and trailer combination!

    As for the people who say "I travel with a credit card and toothbrush"... well good for you, but I (and many others) actually enjoy camping, and cooking our own food and not staying in a boring old motel room :)
  11. The "ferry full" of bikes/trailers would have been some of the mob for the Ulysses AGM at Ulverstone. Sure, one-up for a couple of nights a tent/sleeping bag would be fine ...
    The AGM ran for a week ... so two-up, camping out for a full week, a trailer is very handy for a few "creature comforts", given some of those attending the AGM would have come from all over Oz.
    Having been to a few "back-to-basics" rallies etc ... where everything is B.Y.O. .. food .. water .. etc ... a small trailer behind the bike ain't such a bad idea ...

  12. Electraglide . . . thats as in a Harley right ???

    I feel sorry for poochy.
    After travelling in a box behind the exhaust tips for hours on end - I bet poochy became stone-deaf !
  13. Get this, on the ferry, all the pets were housed in cages BEHIND the bikes! :shock:

    Everybody posting in support of trailers, you're all wrong.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves!
  14. Oh... good debating skills there :twisted:
  15. Wrong way round methinks, trailers are great, pack all ya crap hit the hwy, leave trailer at campsite , with all ya gear locked inside, go enjoy ya self,

    wow you might even be able to go where there's no tv or motels :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Surely every travel group could just have a designated driver, someone who follows the group in a car loaded with all the camping junk. That way all the trailers could be left at home and they could actually do some riding (as opposed to just travelling from A to B on a bike). Given the choice between towing a trailer on the bike and driving, I think I'd rather drive.
  17. I live in Tassie and I've never seen so many trailers hitched to bikes as I have in the last few weeks. Bllody hundreds of them. But to be fair I saw just as many if not more without a trailer.

    I did see one guy last weekend who had a sidecar AND a trailer. He didn't have a pillion. How much stuff does one guy need to take? You may as well take a ute. You couldn't even lean over around corners on that set up and we all know thats the best part.

    Anyway, each to their own. I don't understand it but. :?
  18. What an inconsiderate sod you are, remind me not to travel in a group with you, asking someone to take the car. you should be ashamed of yourself young man :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  19. How's a Goldwing with pillion and trailer going to be any more exciting than driving anyway, they wouldn't be missing anything (they might even get there faster) :p :LOL: .
  20. Thanks. I do take pride in my mass debating.