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bike's with in-built storage?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. hey guys...i've come to the conclusion that even before having my lil stack and doin my ankle in that i was already growing tired of the lack of power a 250 offers especially when it came to riding the M4 and being blown around by the wind...

    so the question i put to the netrider lynch mob what type of bike's are there that offer some type of onboard storage that fit's more than a wallet and a set of gloves...that is either a f'n ballsy 250 or preferably a 400 ....not too sure if i'd have the set of nuts needed to take on a 600 yet ....in regards to storage i love the Across's setup but am concerned about it being another 250 and that it won't offer much more than my gpx does

    i'm going into the shopping side for a new bike and will probably sell off my gpx after i redo her rego (just over a month)
  2. Forget the 250 you need storage?

  3. LOL two things....i'd prefer to stick to the racing style if possible...and i'm still LAMS meat ...if i was to opt for something different than a racing/naked bike i'd opt for a cruiser style bike with small hardcase saddlebags but would prefer to stick to learning with what i know
  4. Get any bike you like and buy a ventura tail bag
  5. +1 for me being hopeless and having to pick up my gpx250 twice now...

    god forbid if i had to pick up that mammoth thing
  6. mmmmm holster yea but i work in business relocations/removalist and have alotta jobsites in and around sydney city...and it's seems that its somewhat frowned upon as being a nuisance and inconvenience dragging a big ventura bag with helmet ect in it into office's and keeping track of it thru the day .....so looking for more inbuilt storage that's secure and can't simply be ripped off my bike like my rack bag can
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  8. I'm talking about the small clip on bags. Oxford make a tail or tank bag that turns in to a back pack too.

    You could also get a GIVI top box. Lock your helmet on the bike or in the top box.

    Your only other option to avoid a 250 is to get a scooter
  9. Yeah this then if you are on lams.

    I have a ventura on the dr650, it can haul some cr@p, I call it my "ute"
  10. please...i'm hopeless....not scooter hopeless though, don't let my lack of grammar and punctuation fool you.

    on a lighter and obscenely un-related note...cbr 400rr ....seen one up for sale (as i'm interested in any 400 racing bike) and seller stated that they were'nt lams compliant - is this true ?

    as for the storage side of things - yes i'm starting to realise that i havn't a choice and will have to rely on tail/rack bags for the time being up until i pull my finger out and buy a car....which...i'm in no rush to do
  11. Well personally I'm going to build myself a rear rack and build myself a massive fuck off aluminium top box to go on it.
    But that's just me.

    +1 on the NT650V, I am certain I have seen it in the victorian LAMs list.

    Speedpack wide: 100 litres max of storage and no need for a rear rack. But it'll remove pillioning abilities while installed.
  12. Those things look so similar to the CBR250, I wonder if a cop would even pick up on it.
  13. the deauville doesn't look too bad & kernel that looks fairly tits....perhaps i should take the bull by the horns along your plans and sort out welding something along the lines of a tool box to the rack..

    ..being able to pillion doesn't bother me...even when off my lams ...the ms's will have her own bike soon enough
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  15. I have these.
    They come on and off the bike in 1 min flat! And pretty cool too!

    Ogio saddlebags:
  16. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/downloads/lams_list_110905.pdf

    LOL no cbr's are LAMS ....uhhh what the ****

    it coming on and off the bike isn't really a issue....i want something that can be left un-attended with little to no fear of fookwits ripping it off the back of my bike...even if it's to the point where it's alot of hassle to remove it
  17. If they want it they will take it full stop. Some tool wanted my number plate, clearly he had no tools so he ripped my entire fender off.

    I don't understand why people go out and buy a bike they love then go out of their way to make it ugly. If you get a bike with a sep pillion seat you can buy just the top of the givi and a spare pillion seat from the wreckers, screw the givi to the seat. That way you are not attaching some ugly arse rack to a bike, you just swap seats when you don't need the storage.
  18. i'm young...so any bike i get....could be the biggest shitbox in the world...if she ride's and feels comfortable posture & positioning wise...i will love it to no end...and i'm considering the concept of building something on the tail in place of my rack that's secure and fastened properly (yet still can be removed and restored to it's normal state with abit of tinkering to enjoy weekend riding)

    as for your plate being ripped off...what the ****? what purpose does that serve...unless one of two things...you had badass personalised plates...or some douchebag with a bike was doing petrol runs with them

    edit: i understand what your trying to say here holster it's just...i at one point in my youth was scum....i've known alot of scum over the years..and overall...i dont trust scum..of any type...so the only reasonable option in my mind is a secured box ...the across appealed to me as it blended into the bike and normal people wouldn't comprehend it being a storage compartment...where as the option of adding the givi box base...and having a metal box with perhaps some half circle loops at the bottom of it with padlocks to secure them to the givi box base...or even a metal wire running thru the loops below the givi framing and a padlock tying it in.....something that gives the impression that it's more effort than it's worth...i'd previously considered adding some sort of metal wiring tying my rack bag down however i'd come to the conclusion that the bags material just isn't strong enough and could still easily be ripped off....the only other cheap option is sorting out some form of metal cargo net for the rack bag...then fastening them to the rack/pillion grab-bar but even then i'd be unsure as to wether the net would be more hassle than it's worth...perhaps before i write it off it's something i should quickly look into.
  19. How is it that CBR250's are not NSW LAMS compliant? Seems odd
  20. na na they would be...with the exception of maybe 6 models...all 250's are lams..so apologies there...just frustrated at the 400's being off limits...which in turn of course the 600's are way outta league