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Bikes V Scooters in stacks..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jace_F, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Wondering if anyone had any thoughts or info on this. I was wondering why there is a perception out there that scooters are safer than motorbikes?

    Presumably motorbikes have more accidents than scooters but I would have thought there were just as many scooters on the roads near enough. So is it a speed thing or just one of those issues? Maybe coz its easier to keep a scooter upright if you get into trouble.

    Just wondering as everyone I talk to think its a great idea to buy a scooter for transport but think a bike is too dangerous. Doesnt make sense to me, plus I ride a pushie everyday on the road as it is and I am just as likely to get wiped out off that.
  2. Coming off at 60 is the same on either bike or scooter.
    Most scooter riders don't have protective gear other then a helmet.

    I have been on scooters before and I find bikes much better in terms of control.
  3. Scooters are far more safer than motorbikes because they look cute.

    If you fall off, the wollen mittens and scarf make hitting the ground feel like pillows.
  4. I cant see how it would be much different , forgetting the fact that most scooter riders wear far less protective gear.

    I suppose leg injuries may be less because of the riding position in a low speed collision (ie not much chance of the thing trapping your leg) but as said in the post above at 60+ I'd wager the unlucky riders would fair pretty much the same.
  5. agreed geeth!

    But on a scooter there is less chance of it landing on your leg when you come off (not no chance, just less)- on a bike you are wrapped around it and if you fall sideways it will more than likely land on your leg!

    But overall i think they both have worst and better points against each other.
  6. Scooters generally have a small engine, so people perceive them as 'safe'. Sure you're not going to do a parking-lot highside, but otherwise a scooter will be no safer then a bike when a cage merges into you, or cuts you off.

    The small wheels on scooters scare me, imagine hitting a pothole... :shock:

  7. :LOL:
  8. Potholes are easy, you can bunnyhop the fkn things over them.

    I have personally casually sat on top of a scooter as it's gone for a 40km an hour slide down a hill, and chilled out untill it stopped. Downhill + rain + lots of grease = pear shaped.

    Bit harder to lowside a motorbike like that. Cant step onto the safe side :p
  9. You are not regarded a citizen when using scooter and thus no statistic will be recorded in case of an accident. This could give the impression that they're safer.
  10. There was some report from hospitals saying the amount of motorcycle accidents has exploded but when you look into it further its all scooter riders and shit all actual bikes, (my aunt is a nurse she told me)

    She said not a single one had a scratch on then, they gently float to the ground landing on two feet and walk away only to get on a free scooter to replace the broken one.
  11. I don’t have any data to back this, but the way I see it, a (Of equivalent weight) would be easier to control than an the scooter.
    My reasoning is as follows.
    With the scooter your legs are sitting in front of you in the footwell, on a bike they are straddling the mass of the bike allowing you better control of it.
    As a general rule scooters have a smaller wheel diameter, I would see this also contributing to an increased risk on them as a larger diameter wheel tracks better when you have inconsistencies in the road surface.
    Liquidity’s Story of sliding on the high side is an interesting one, so there is one advantage to the footwell instead of straddling the vehicle/
  12. crashing speed does have a impact on types of injuries, and most scooters (i would assume) aren't hussled through corners at double the posted advisory sign speed limit :wink:
  13. Well thats just it. I couldnt work out how a scooter could be seen as safer since most people I see on them are cruising around in a suit or some such, not much protection there if you hit the ground.

    Plus I would think a bike would be easier to control since you are sitting with legs astride and not in front.

    Good point on those potholes though..... :shock:
  14. Its easier to jump off a scooter.

    and you cant say that you didnt see a hot chick on a scooter
  15. Hey that just makes the scooter dangerous even when you are not riding it.
  16. Not dangerous for her.

    If I rode a scooter on the other hand, I would be in constant danger of getting ran over. deliberately.

    P.S. I do have a scooter. When it eventually get fixed, I will get it to a ride
  17. Win.
  18. I've heard the same thing, despite the fact that everyone sooks about them not wearing enough protective gear, the number of decent injuries among scooter riders is very small compared to that of us hooligan bikers.
  19. I agree that there is probably an element of the kind of risk exposure the two types see.

    I would imagine that the high speed, country SVA which, like it or not, kills a lot of motorcyclists, is very rare in scooters, simply because most of them are not subjected (as Stewy notes) to the sort of usage where such a crash is likely. A few crazy old bastards on TMaxes and 650 Burgervans excepted of course.

    Whilst it's perfectly possible to die in low speed, urban crashes, realistically the most likely outcome is a scraped vehicle, maybe a bit of skin off and maybe some damage to the extremities that can be patched up in casualty for discharge the same day. Such injuries do not get into the ultra sexy death and critical injuries numbers which are all that are widely publicised. More to the point, the outcomes are basically the same as for bikes.

    So the nature of scooter use pretty much excludes the possibility of the type of crash that is most likely to be really messy, whilst not really increasing risk in the environment that the two are most likely to share. Result, statistics (if they were collected, which they aren't, reliably) could be made to show scooters to be safer.

    Which is why it's important to look beyond raw numbers.
  20. Its the protective thongs and bikini dresses with fluffy backpacks they wear... but then again, is it possible to wheel stand a scooter? I suppose some scooter chicks are way too busy doing enough destruction in their pastel cages whilst talking on the mobile...

    Havent seen a scooter-hoon yet, but i will keep an eye out LOL!!