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Bikes v bikes

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Disturbed, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. So the other day i was riding around a corner, and this guy on a bicycle was riding on the side, so i went by next to him and as soon as i did he was just about to commit to a swerve into me

    His face when he saw me fly past him = Priceless .

    So anyway post your 'experiences' with bicycle riders on here
  2. i watched a cyclist get chased by a magpie, i tooted and rocked my head back laughing.
  3. I shot a cyclist. He was wearing lycra. Ohhh, it was dark, I couldn't see him. He had a ray gun, looked real enough. You know, when you're a rookie, they can teach you everything about bein' a biker except how to live with a mistake. Anyway, I just couldn't bring myself to draw my gun on anybody again.
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  4. lol "he had a ray gun"
  5. One time I was turning left off Queensbury St in Melbourne and to do so had to cross the bike lane. There was a bike just ahead, so I slowed down a bit and pulled in behind, but couldn't pass yet due to a car parked to the left of the lane.

    As soon as he heard the note behind him, a$$hole on his tredly gets all defensive, swings his head around to check which side I'm on, swerves both ways to try and stay in front of me and starts slowing down.

    I was tempted to just throw a leg out and go for it... I was just turning d!ckhead!
  6. haha yeah , you get a lot of 'angry at everyone' cyclists, they are usually the ones in full lycra and holding up the traffic.
  7. Wanks... they think wearing lycra makes them Cadell Evans! Bwahahaha
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    The whole motorcyclist vs cyclist thing is a bit sad really. There are things that annoy me about cyclists, but in the eyes of most motorists we are probably next to each other at the bottom of the trash heap.
    There is a dude by the name of Magnatom on youtube, he has some interesting vids but you do get the "angry at everyone" or "victim syndrome" feel sometimes. It is the same with some motorcyclists, though. I don't know what it is, but it seems the ones with the highest levels of righteous indignation are the biggest magnets for ******** drivers. If you go looking for it, you will always find it, I guess.

    At the end of the day, motorcyclists and cyclists have to deal with ****s like this, and I don't think people like this care if your two wheels are pedal powered or motorised: [media=youtube]gY64_IjiC94[/media]
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  9. Must say for the most part my experience with cyclist has been good. Often have a quick chat with them at the lights and a few have said stuff like "nice bike". Some are twits and yeah they are mostly wearing licra and just cant seem to grasp that they are slower than bikes pulling away but most seem fine to me
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    The whole 'Motorcycle Vs Bicycle' thing isn't a direct attack at cyclists or bikers its just a discussion of what experiences you have had with cyclists, good or bad, funny or terrible, just share your story. =p We are all equal on the road

    The other week i was going down springwood rd and there were two cyclists coming down the mountain i saw them riding and went near them and gave them a big thumb up as i went past.
  11. The poor widdle cycly wikely was holding up the bad meany motorised motorcycler rider... *yawn*

    Live and let live.
  12. i got caught behind two riding abreast, comming down a narrow winding road in the Dandenong ranges... not many opportunities to overtake.
    don't get me wrong, these guys were flying... i swear like 80kph easy, maybe more... but i still wanted to put them behind me when safe to pass.
    problem was they obviously had no idea i was behind them... i don't have an overly loud bike, but i guess the wind noise would have been loud for them.

    i've had two near misses with bicycles in darkness and Melbourne weather too.
    both on tight bends and in both cases neither bicycle had lights on it.
    scary stuff... cranked over and then theres this flash of someone sitting elbow to elbow with you.
    please put lights on your bicycle if you don't allready have them fitted.
  13. Yesterday, there were two separate instances of cyclists pulling up directly in front of me, over the pedestrian line. They both blasted off and managed to hit a top of 12 km/h. Horns [not mine] were liberally used. It's like filtering to the front, but then holding back the rest of traffic. Not a wise thing to do.

    The day before, I was walking along the footpath's left side, then turned right to enter a post office, only to have a courier on his bike fly past between the door and me. Very close shave, and I guess head checks while on foot are in order. He did whistle 0.1 seconds in advance, though.

    Apart from all that, cyclists have been generally well-behaved in my experience and observations.
  14. Singles and doubles I dont tend to have a problem with..it's when the feckers ride in a bunch that they somehow think that the public road is theirs alone,the road rules now dont apply and that all road users should be no faster than them.And all motorbikes with should be carrying a backwards facing pillion equipped a tv camera.
    Your weekend subway sandwich, grande caramel frappe latte fueled, mobile lycra clad ass admiration club, is NOT the TOUR DE FRANCE!
    Single File or Two abreast.. FFS !
    I do like to over take them with my legs moving up and down on the pegs to imitate pedaling action :D 'tis childish but it makes me giggle.
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  15. qfmft
  16. Two cyclists two abreast can overtake two cyclists who are two abreast.

    That's not to say that they aren't being inconsiderate. Hell, plenty of motorcyclists fit into that category.

    Giggles are good.
  17. I'm pro cycling, but that behaviour is just stupid and deserves a horn blasting. Don't split to the front if you're going to be a rolling road block. Not a hard ask.
  18. Only behaviour that shits me is riding side by side on twisty roads with blind corners - especially when you can hear a loud exhaust coming your way.

    Many times I've come round a blind corner and had to mash the brakes because of cyclists riding side by side, or (more commonly) there is a car behind them doing 10kmh waiting for a spot to overtake.

    IMO one of the most significant accident causing factors is disparity of speed. Cyclists are too slow to be on the road, they should keep to offroad and designated bike tracks only. I used to ride my pushy every day for 1-2 hours before I started riding so I'm not just a cyclist hater, I just dont think they belong on the roads. Lots of fun off the road though.
  19. If they made Lycra motorcycle clothes I would wear them.
  20. They take all the seats @ P.I.T.S.