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Bikes stolen… is there any hope?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Peaches, May 11, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys :(

    Sigh. Jeff’s garage got broken into Friday night and a number of items were stolen:

    1x 50cc dirt bike
    1x 125cc dirt bike
    1x $700 racer pushbike
    1x $1000 (I think) mountain bike

    I freaked when I got the phone call at 6.45 am Sat morning from Jeff saying the bikes were stolen because I thought Peaches (CBR125) and Drac (VTR1000 sp-1) were gone. It was a sheer miracle that they were still in the garage, along with all our gear, when the idiots took our other bikes. (Guess registered bikes are harder to sell?)

    Apparently an idiotic neighbour’s kid was playing with her remote for the garage door and it was left open Friday night. :evil: The thieves saw what was in the garages next door (Jeff’s and another neighbour’s) and helped themselves to our bikes, and the neighbour’s quad bike. They climbed over the fence separating our garages, kicked the doors open, and wheeled them all out.

    The incident’s been reported to the police, but I’d like a realistic estimation as to whether or not we have any hope of getting the items back? The 125cc is not registered and the 50cc is a pocket bike. More than anything else I’d like them returned for sentimental reasons (long story…). They’re only Chinese made so they’re not the most expensive of toys… Am I being stupid hoping the police will somehow find them for us? Or are they well and truly gone?

    I'm also terrified now that they know we have the road bikes that they'd be back :cry:


  2. unfortunately there is bugger all hope of getting the trailys or the pushies back. they left the SP1 and the cbr alone which is awesome right? as long as you have insurance, and keep the garage locked she'll be fine. if you are really worried you can bolt a chain into the garage floor and keep the bikes chained up, in would never bother with that in my own garage but ive seen it done.

    i knows it too late for the trailys but this shows the importance of comp insurance. reading posts here of people having their bikes stolen from their own front yard here was a big reason why i got full comp when i brought the firestorm last year.
  3. Yeah off-road bikes are very difficult to trace especially given how easy it is to change their appearance. I've seen quite a few kids/teenagers getting around with small capacity dirtbikes that are quite obviously stolen (the dodgy respray on a bike that's clearly new is a dead giveaway).
  4. :eek: would that be covered under home/contents insurance?
  5. :cry:

    **@#*% stupid pr*C^!


    Ok... Sigh. Time to move on and look on the bright side. THanks guys, you're right. I should be happy they left Drac and P alone.

    Still depressed though, because I learned to corner on the 125cc. **@#&!!!
  6. Mugen - all of them EXCEPT the 125 cc, because apparently anything larger than 100 cc or something similar is classified as a vehicle and not home/contents. :(
  7. [​IMG]
  8. It was probably local kids, unless you are on a busy road, so you could try a letterbox drop in your neighbourhood. You may get a tip off, although you would also be tipping off the thieves. Perhaps include a "All is forgiven if you return them" statement. . . Then have the crap beaten out of them later. :grin:
  9. Sod that. Bury a few bettys around the fence line where they came in:


    You can get out of a bear trap but there's no running away when you're missing a leg. Aaand on the positive side, they should still be alive when you come out to finish them off with a shovel :p

    *edit*: These also work well for pesky neighborhood children who play with garage remotes.
  10. Peaches if kids stole them and it sounds like it if they left the big bikes.
    The kids won't be able to help them selves and will ride them very night ,go out at 9pm>>> and go to the places you would practice your riding like the industrial estate or deserted roads in your area.
    Make sure you go with a few other just incase and you might find them and get them back.
    All the local kids ride in our area after 9pm ,they even ride to the servo and fill up. :roll:
  11. And I would be quietly trundling those precious road bikes round to a friend's garage for a safe haven for the next few weeks, too.....
  12. Drac and Peaches might benefit from one of these and a couple of chains.
  13. 9/10 and as sad as this world is. It will be someone you know and trust. Only someone who knows someone can know whats there.

    Please note: I said 9/10
  14. Are you sure that's legal??

    Trevor G
  15. Sure. 10 million Cambodians cannot be wrong.
  16. are you for real??? :shock:
  17. *ahem*

    Garage update.

    Jeff has taken the matter into his own hands. He's put a bolt and strong lock to the main garage door and put a second steel gate with locks in the second half of the garage (it's a two car LUG). The second half is where the bikes will stay.

    Oh and he'll be putting razor wire across the top of the fences separating the garages.

    He's one very, very pissed man. :twisted:

    Peaches and Dracula are nestled safely in a safe house at the moment (location can't be revealed for obvious reasons), so we can rest easy... for now.
  18. Screw land mines...

  19. Understandably so!

    lol, how about this one?


    Found it in the jokes&humor section
  20. I like this idea...