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"Bikes Spotted" Thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tmg, May 10, 2006.

  1. I don't know if this has been done yet, but I am new, so yeah, I just thought it would be cool to start one.

    I was on the Bruce highway this arvo (10th May), and saw (I think) an R1 doin about 120 clicks and thought - "man he/she must have balls to do that!"

    I've gone 80 clicks and could feel myself being moved around and the bike was screaming its tits off. But I WAS riding a CB250, and they suck.

    Anyway, tell us what nice bikes you've all seen and if this gets popular maybe the admin can make it a sticky topic. :grin:

  2. i seen a nice zxr250 doing around 170 k's out the back of Yea the other week ! the bike was screamin its tits off :LOL:
  3. I'd have to say my hubby's bike kawasaki mean streak. But maybe I'm p***ed off because he got a newer bike then me and he can go faster than me :LOL:
  4. I was looking at the new S4RS Testastretta Monster at Moto One in Oakleigh.
    It has great Ohlins forks and radially mounted (?)disk brakes and the colour scheme is reminiscent of my Rosalina.
  5. Last week I was watching Steve Brouggy running suspension tests on a new Triumph 675 at PI on a PIRD.
    The bike looked pretty trick. :cool:
  6. i saw a chick go cruising past me on her cb250 today in box hill

    damnit i wanted her number lol
  7. That was probably Bond girl. Was she blonde, long legs and blue eyes? if so, I have her number ;) :LOL:
  8. I was queued in traffic and a pocket bike filtered passed up to the front, true.

    I agree with the OP, this thread should be stickied. :p
  9. Good thread, saw a bloke near hoxton park on a postie riding a with long plank of wood under his arm :LOL:
  10. People mail the strangest things to each other. :p
  11. I was riding along Warrigal Road, when I saw a congential dwarf complete with a wicked sense of humour ride past in the opposite direction, lane splitting on a Chopper pocket bike sporting a WW1 Kaiser helmet and smoking a cigar. True to form he didn't return the nod.
    With the two stroke sound; it was completely wrong, yet, totally out there.
    (Exactly where I live.)
  12. I was heading up Victoria St on Tuesday, when i passed a really short street fighter, (He was spliting a diferent lane) thought to myself of get readdy to be assulted by that dreadfull Buell thump.

    I pulled up at the corner of punt and he came up along side.
    no Horrible thump, just a really Sexy Puuurrr...
    The Triumph Speed Tripple is a very sexy Bike.
    this one had costom pipes, so i am assuming it was a little louder than stock, but was still a magnificent humm.
  13. Mate, everytime i see another bike i get excited, i dont care what it is, even a cb250 (spesh if it has a hott chick on it)! And dont stress bout your own cb250 dude, before you know it you'll be on your gsxr600 (when i'm on my sv650/vtr1000/tl1000) heh heh

  14. Haha I've seen that dwarf too! Riding past the VicRoads office in Prospect Hill Rd no less. No one else seemed to look twice and I almost thought I was hallucinating. Laughed all the way home though...
  15. He gets around... :cool:
  16. me

    love fishing and no car

    so a 250 bandit riding to the beach with a 13foot 1 piece tailor rod occy strapped to the vent rack

    got LOADS of funny looks
  17. Saw a R1 fly through the lights at Lower North East road and Portrush roads in Adelaide he was probably up around 160 or so... What a nut job, that road is sh!t man/pot holes all over the place.