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Bikes similar to the GS500

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mabs, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Got my L's today (had them before, but they ran out and couldn't renew).

    I'm trying not to get my heart set on a GS500, as they're probably going to be hard to find for $3500 (2nd hand) in good cond and in next few weeks.

    So what else is there that's gunna hold up to daily trips < 10km and roughly 2 trips a month over 400km? Talking about gear and all on the occasional trip, caravan park camping and some off main road camping.

    I'd like to keep good fuel efficiency at speed, which I read is a downside to the ER-5.

    So, what I would ultimately love is to have a [highway] road bike that can tour. Dirt roads are optional, and may only be 2-3 times a year.
  2. $3,500 isn't unreasonable for an older naked GS500, so you might be lucky. The ER-5 should be pretty good on fuel as well, so don't rule it out on purely on that basis.
  3. Try not to give yourself such a short window of time.

    If you can wait a month or 2, something is sure to come up.

    Don't worry too much about fuel economy, what's it going to do, use an extra litre? It's nothing. Pittance.

    Pace yourself, and the right bike will come along.
  4. +1

    Missing out on a bike I liked back in March, I waited patiently till just now to find my first bike...and I think all the looking around and waiting paid off 'cause I love my bike!
  5. Here's an ER-5 in close to your price range.
    They rarely come up this cheap so it's worth checking out. They really are a great little bike. I should know, I used to have one. :)

    Here's a Zepher in Geelong.

    There's not a lot of 500s out there under 5k though. Maybe save up a bit more or look at 250s. :)
  6. I'd go for an older GS500 even if it meant waiting - I've had mine for a few weeks and love it... the bigger engine fits under the LAMS power restiction, but more importantly has HEAPS of torque compared to many other learner bikes. Torque = not having to wring its neck to get the revs up = much easier for a learner; can ride it nice and easy...

    cheers - and good luck!
  7. Yeah, probably just the review I read, they "quoted" 25km/L down to 16 on the highway.

    Good point, I rush things too often (new generation of must have nows!), time to stop and smell the roses, if I want a GS500, I might have to wait.
  8. Older GS500s are cool because they have clipons, rather than the upright bars \:D/
  9. Ooo, the first bike term I haven't been able to understand or find "good" information on, what are these clip-on's you speak of? :D
  10. Bars that attach to the forks themselves.
  11. I've been pondering my question further, and I spose I'll be upgrading my bike after I get off restrictions, but I want something that'll get me around, when I'll have limited access to a car.

    Last night I went to a mates place in Seymour (in cage in this case), I'm in Bendigo, not a bad 100km. On my previous bike (CB250RS, back in 2003) it was not that bad. But I had a perfect example of worst case on the way back, I was carting about 20kg of stuff, outside it was cold, first 40km was what I call a heavy misty rain, the type that soaks the road and everything travelling through it. I had this happen once on the CB250RS and it was horrible, turned an hour trip into 2 hours, part poor planning, part experience.

    So, why am I telling you all this? This is the kind of conditions I want to be able to ride in, and it's going to be regular. So when I mean similar to the GS500, I'm talking from a n00bie point of view; other bikes that have been considered are the ER-5 (as mentioned before), KLR650, Bandit 250 & ZZR250. The KLR was considered because I do maybe 3 decent camping trips a year.