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Bikes saved my life - by Kym Liebig

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by KANGA, May 17, 2013.

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  1. that's a good read...thanks for sharing :)
  2. yes , I really enjoyed the story. thanks
  3. I've met this guy out and about on track before. He is a real inspiration. Not to mention bloody fast
  4. Good yarn, true stories usually are.
  5. Thanks Kanga, enjoyed the story.
  6. Cool story :)
  7. Damn, that's an inspirational story. Thanks for sharing :)
  8. Great story.
  9. Wow, what an inspiration! Would love to meet the man!
  10. those playing along in SA can watch Kym aboard his SV650 at Mallala this weekend.. he's riding in the Mallala 50km and also in one of the teams in the Adelaide 3 Hour.

    white SV650, bike #50C.

    and you're right.. he is fast!
  11. top read thanks for that
  12. Thanks Kanga. Great story and nicely written.
  13. Wow puts thing into perspective, guess I'd better stop whinging.
  14. Great story, really enjoyed it! I've had a similar experience with bikes making me much happier and more confident. I didn't nearly die like this man but I wasn't really living either. Just a few ago I was too scared to do most things, even something simple like going into a shop to buy something was scary. My Mum didn't like the idea of me having a bike at all, but she recently said to me that I've improved out of sight since I've been riding, and sometimes she even tells me to go for a ride lol.
  15. Good to hear, you ok with the shop thing now as well?
  16. Yeah, it's all good now. :)
  17. Excellent !
  18. great read! thanks for posting
  19. amazing read