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Bikes Plus North Essendon A+++ Service !!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Blue14, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Went past Bikes plus this arvo to have a browse.. I had ridden the 9 today so Greg was having a look at it and i commented on the front brakes being a bit average..

    Well before i knew it he had a spanner in his hand and had removed the caliper to get a good look at the pads.. By the way Greg is the manager on the parts and accessories side..

    He said they have plenty of meat on them but look like a pretty average pad. So he got a mechanic to rip em out for me and we soon discovered they were a carbon pad, which in his opinion was my problem.

    So he got a set of sinted pads fitted for me, gave me discount on the pads and gave me very cheap labour.. :grin: :wink:

    End result, a bike that now actually stops and a business that i cant speak highly enough of, especially Greg who understands what customer service is all about. Todays service was something out of this world, great work guys, and a special thanks to Greg, aka Rocky !! :cool:
  2. used to live next to there, might just pop in there tomorrow actually.
  3. Excellent stuff, good to hear the brakes now make you happy with great customer service thrown in :grin:

    PS - keep blinging of the 9er for me ...... wink wink :LOL:
  4. Oi, get in the Q :p
  5. age b4 beauty :p
  6. Now now ladies... :LOL:
  7. greg is a great guy...i actually miss dealing with him....bruce is quite a character and also a great bloke
  8. where ? :LOL:
  9. That is service! Props to BikesPlus!
  10. Yeah it was awesome service.. Oh and remember when we were talking about the brakes on Monday night.. Well its now fixed thankfully.. :cool:
  11. might make my gf go there and get me some pads. let her know how it feels. :oops:
    hehe nah seriously i'll book in with them tomorrow. my other threads info will unfortunately be ignored. 3 bike shops all around the same distance, well not really but inconveniently the same, 2 with discounts but....

    i trust ya. reckon that joints good me taky biky there.
  12. Am on my 3rd bike since Oct 07, Greg and Bruce have been invaluable in not helping with advice but also being 'honest' with what a new rider (like me) needs rather then 'being sold' gear etc.
    Bruce has provided my with all roadworthy's and each time he went over the bikes with a fine tooth comb, he IS a character alright, but but he and Greg have their hearts in the right places, would recommend everyone to go their for help, service and of course the customer service is impeccable!
  13. They are awesome alright.. Another good story for bikes plus...

    Greg ordered me a rear tyre for the scooter, yes a rear tyre .. :shock:

    Had a plug in it that was leaking.. :evil:

    Anyway it came in Friday and he said bring it sat morn to have it fitted.

    Well what a job it turned out to be, poor George kept his cool though.. :LOL:

    So end result, new tyre, great labour rate again and i would say George is going to give Greg some lip for giving him the scooter on Sat morn..

    See to change the rear tyre, the exhaust has to come off, then the right back side of the frame, then theres bolts holding the wheel to the disc along with the axle nut.. Then cause the wheel is small it doesnt fit the tyre machine, so it has to be done the old way with levers.. :shock:
  14. BZZZZTTTTT Thread revive!


    Has anybody had any experience doing online orders with these guys?

    In store service sounded exceptional, so I was happy to put an order in for some jeans and gloves on Sunday night.
    However I haven't heard anything from them yet, other than an automatic order confirmation. I sent a Contact Us form yesterday morning asking for an update on the order via their website but still haven't heard anything.
    The online invoice system is saying my payment has gone through.

    I'm a little anxious as the site has a few unfinished sections so I've got a feeling they're new to the whole Online orders thing.
  15. Locky give them a call to check. I go there sometimes to get bits and pieces and they are usually a helpful bunch.
  16. Yeah might do that this arv. I'll give them a bit longer to get back to me first.
  17. Gave them a call yesterday. They've got my jeans but they are waiting on getting the gloves from interstate, said they should have them today then they'll be sending them express straight away.
  18. Called again on Tuesday and I've been told again that it would be sent out "This afternoon". I sure hope so, I'm going for a ride down to Gladstone and staying the night on the weekend and sure would like to be able to take the chance to test the new gear out.
  19. Hmmm that's not good. Hope it all works out for you buddy.
  20. Would have turned up yesterday as they were on my postbox this morning. It's not so much the wait that bothered me as it was the lack of communication.

    I didn't receive any emails after the automatic order confirmation, and had to really chase them to get any updates.

    Can't complain with the price though.