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Bikes overtaking in your lane!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by 99CIBBER, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. I'm getting sick of other bikes and scooters passing me in my lane. As most riders know we can use the whole width of a lane. I regularly swap from the left hand side of a lane to the right to buffer from cars and to get better forward vision. My daily commute into the city is about 25kms and I regularly get passed in slowish heavy traffic by other bikes. It gives my the sh!ts as you're not expecting it and they can take you by surprise! It's only a matter of time until some fvcker runs up my ar$e because I've moved slightly to the right when they're overtaking in my lane. Anyone else had an experience like this? I feel better now after my vent and rant!.

  2. G'day everyone,....

    Funny but I saw a bike moving at a fast rate of knots last niight comming of the westgate onto the ring road outbound pass a lot of cars and fly past another rider on his left,...

    I could see it took the other rider by surprise,...

    Did'nt exactly set a great example for others to follow,..

    Dr Who?
  3. It's legal for two bikes in a lane, and I agree with it ONLY if they overtake to your right. Overtaking to the left is just dangerous.

    It helps to check mirrors regularly ;)
  4. Hols, I dont think it technically is legal for 2 bikes to be side by side? Bicycles can, possibly more than 2 side by side I think.

    Geesus, how slow are you going?
  5. From what I understand of bike etiquette, that's pretty rude.

    I've read that you should signal a faster rider to pass you in the same lane by pointing with your foot on the side you want them to pass from [if you're comfortable with having someone do that]. I had this happen a week ago when a faster rider was itching to get past in a bus lane with other traffic almost entirely stopped. So I stayed left, pointed with my right boot and the guy got the signal and passed me. I got a wave as thanks :D
  6. John Karamouche has posted up the legality of two bikes sharing a lane often. It's legal.

    Being overtaken in a lane isn't nice and it's a bit rude. The only part of it that is a near miss in my opinion is that you hadn't kept an eye on the mirrors to spot the rider encroaching on you. You said you were shocked, but not that you were almost collided with.

    Welcome to NR by the way. Drop in on the welcome lounge and let us know a bit more about you.

  7. was it a british racing green motorcycle? cause it woulda been me 8-[ ... :D
  8. I see a bike sitting in the left wheel track and it says to me "I'm not in a rush, pass if you want" because that's where I sit when I'm cruising. You might be sitting on the left as a matter of course, and only verging to the right when you are buffering, but you are sending out an inadvertant signal that it is safe to overtake.

    If it's intimidating, stick to the centre line on right wheel track, no one will pass you, because passing on the left is verboten, and just move left when necessary to buffer etc.

    Hope that was some help :)
  9. Its certainly legal in QLD. s151(3)The rider of a motorbike or bicycle may ride alongside more than 1 other rider if the rider is overtaking the other riders.

    However, s141 prevents you from overtaking on the left.

    I dont mind bikes overtaking me, but I hate it with a passion on corners. I always go wide entering a corner and if you try overtake me I will likely run into you. When I am cornering I am not looking for you in the mirrors.
  10. It was a black faired bike iirc, Ninja or somesuch.
  11. i completely agree with you TRA 100%
    I like 99CBR, move about at times to be seen or to get a better view, if i get passed by a bike in my lane, if i dont see it i am surprised, but not pissed off.
    (they are on my right of course), as for my moving, i just hope they do their job properly and assume they are unseen.
    As for over taking on a corner (as TRA mentioned) - thems fighting moves!!!
    It gives me road rage, i wish my little gs500 good morph into something more menicing when this happens.
    I'm pretty new to riding so cornering etc is still a little unnatural and i like the comfort of the whole lane - you know sometimes my line isnt great;)
    Rude on corners, because you are forced to stick to a horrible position on the roads edge.
    SO BEWARE OF THE ANGRY GS500 if you overtake me on a corner..........i can feel how scared you all are :)
  12. It defiantly pisses me off,all it takes is 30seconds of waiting till you get seen,
    then I make room and your away.And then no one is at risk of an unexpected pot hole dodge.Far to many desperate hole plugers late for work
  13. I am only new on manual bikes (GS500F!) but not new on 2 wheels. I was on the scooter on the weekend going for a ride and some other dick on a scooter passed me on the corner. It pissed me off no end.
  14. LOL, make that 2x Angry gs500's on the road! :)
  15. nice solid kick to the ducktail as they go past ensures they never try that again
  16. *misses and catches inside rim of tyre......
  17. They would be past before you could react, never happen.
  18. not sure about you, but when i aim a kick i hit within a few inches of the intended target
    you're not entirely wrong, but at the same time you're not entirely right. all comes down to the difference in speeds and if you know they're coming before they get to you. i've seen some people passing another bike with a speed difference of 10-15km/h, plenty slow enough to sink the boot in. granted some idiots pass at near double speed and a stray leg will see you sliding. judgement call is needed there
  19. Happened to me on my 2nd week on a bike. Was commuting to work, on the onramp to the bridge, heading to North Sydney. I was running 70 in a 70 and they flew past me at at least 90. It was my second week, was my intro to wind and i was all over the place. He was lucky i wasn't zagging at that exact moment and that he didn't collect me at the same time.

    Personally, i think it's farking rude. Take a lane if you want to overtake. Respect your fellow riders, they're in a lane going slower than you for a reason.

    Only exception is if you're out on a ride with a mate and they know your moves.
  20. If i ever need to overtake in the same lane i make sure i am directly behind them for a good 5-10 seconds so they can catch a glimpse of me in the mirrors, also this gives me a chanc to see if they are holdign a steady line or not and if i should go past or not.

    But 99% of the time i will just go into the other lane to overtake, like someone else said theres enough cars taking out bikers, we dont need to start taking each other out.