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Bikes on TV this weekend

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Well I just received my weekend Foxtel update e-mail and here are the two items concerning things with engines;

    Apr 10 Moto GP, Spain LIVE 6.30pm (Fox 1)

    Apr 11 Auto Parts 500 LIVE 2.30am (Fox 1)

    Of course Your Home of Delayed Motorsport will run the usual replay after the Late News and Sports Tonight for the Moto GP.
  2. I know from memory the bikes arent on till 1130pm i think... i think i might have to talk my folks into foxtel cause being able to watch it at 630 would be awesome!! oh well back to my day dreaming...
  3. 06:30pm will get you everything, including the tiddlers. The 1000's are due to come out at 10:00pm EST.

    Best thing about Foxtel is you get the whole race without ad breaks (during which time you lose two laps, the lead changes 5-6 times and half the riders fall off).
    Worst thing is the cost :-(
  4. Yep they show the 125, 250 & Moto GP's LIVE and no adverts either :applause: \:D/
  5. And for this weekend we have the following;

    Apr 17 Moto GP Portugal LIVE 8pm (Fox 1)

    Apr 18 Nextel Cup, Radioshack 500 LIVE 2.30am (Fox 2)

    Next weekend is the next round of the world supers!
  6. Nascar??? Who cares? :p

    Remember the v8s are on at pukehoe this weekend!!
  7. I get free foxtel because my fiancee works there.

    Sweet as.
  8. I've heard that the program for Sunday @ Estoril will be 250cc first, MotoGP & last 125cc, which is a first I think.

    I don't think the delayed coverage on Ch10 loses race time during the ads, they just stop the video-tape. The delayed Jeres round had 2x ad breaks only & I don't think I missed a lap at all.

    How about the US round that will not have 125cc or 250cc at all this year, just MotoGP.
  9. Yep 250 & Moto are done.

    125 currently on Warm Up lap.
  10. 2nd race of teh season, 2nd time they've done it. New for 2005
  11. The way the commentators were talking it sounds like they are going to swap the order around all season so it will be interesting to see what order they run them at PI later in the year?

    9 laps in the book and 14 to go for the 125's.
  12. Unless I've lost my marbles, round 1 was completed in the traditional race order.
  13. All very well to have Foxtel but the satellite from Estoril drop out as the red lights for the 250cc came on, regained coverage halfway through lap 3. FOr a change all the action wasn't over by then...:LOL:
  14. Foxtel had the same problems :roll:
  15. Sorry Flip, I was talking about Foxtel. I have Foxtel, I meant that we're paying for it and still have problems like picture drop out.

    May 8 World Championship Round 4, Italy LIVE 7.30pm (Fox 1)

    Sorry I didn't put up last weekends stuff but it was a bit hard with me being at Eastern Creek for the ASC Round 2.
  17. Can we assume this means we can all come over and watch the race or are you just being a bloody tease?;)
  18. yeah... I reckon we rock up and crash his place for the race and expect beer to be cold and ready for us all as well.
  19. Gee, I post a reminder for those with pay & pay & pay & pay TV (with ads) so they don't forget and all I get is abuse :p

    Find a pub or club with Fox Sport connected or organise a coffee night somewhere. With the number of Moto & SBK GP's it would be worth while for someone to open up for it.

    Doesn't HQ have pay TV?
  20. So you are just a bloody tease then?! Hope your decoder box explodes! :p